The Fool

Divinatory meanings: Wildness, taking risks. Some kind of leap of faith. Resisting authority, following your own path.

The Knight of Wands

Divinatory meanings: Someone courageous, idealistic, virtuous. Can be headstrong, refusing to compromise what he believes is right. (Pollack,1995)


to my home page. My name is Jim, aka Top Jimmy, aka Hookah

I'm 26 years old, I work on computers, and am by my own admission, a Geek. I am somewhat active in the Santa Cruz geek scene, and can often be found on fnet (aka ICB). I was graduated in 1992 from the University of California at Santa Cruz, with a Bachelor of Science degree from their Computer Engineering program. As a student, I worked at an internship position for Borland International, and continued there after graduation for 2 1/2 more years (actually for their subsidiary Borland Interactive) as a Quality Assurance Engineer. Borland Interactive was dissolved in early June 1995. After a couple weeks of not-so-involuntary vacation, I got a job at Thuridion as a Software Engineer. I'll be doing various flavors of Windows programming, and possibly some Unix or Mac programming.

Here are a couple pics of me - one in my natural surroundings (that's me, bottom-right), and one in my solitary confinement cell.

I recently joined with my pal Joel to form the second (third? 2 1/2? 2A?) incarnation of The Tower geek house. Then we duped our mutual friend Chad into joining us.

The tarot card images and descriptions above were excerpted from The Vertigo Tarot, written by Rachel Pollack, illustrated by Dave McKean, and introduced by Neil Gaiman. Published and copyright 1995 by DC Comics. -------------