The Sam & Max Freelance Police Episode Guide

This is as unofficial an Episode Guide as you're going to get.  Since every
episode is really two different episodes, I made it as simple for you to decipher.  
Episode 1 was a full 30 min(commercials and all) long, and the rest have been 
2 15-minute episodes(Actually, 2 11-minute episodes making the actual episode 
time of 22 min, but there are commercials).  I'll try to keep this updated as 
each episode airs, but please give me time.  =)  One other note, because of the movement
of the show by FOX Kids Network, I may miss some shows and original air dates.
If anyone out there can give me a hand, that would be much appreciated.

Title Orig Air Date 1. The Thing That Wouldn't Stop It* 10/4/97 2. The Second Show Ever 10/11/97 2a. Max's Big Day 3. Bad Day On The Moon 10/18/97 3a. Dysfunction of the Gods 4. Big Trouble At The Earth's Core 10/25/97 4a. They Came From Down There+ 5. The Friend For Life 11/1/97 5a. A Glitch In Time 6. That Darn Gator 11/8/97 6a. Repeat of "Max's Big Day" 7. Bang, Bang...Kiss, Kiss 2/6/98 7a. It's Dangly Deever Time 8. Tonight We Love 2/13/98 Short of "Our Bewildering Universe Chock Full O'Guts--The Pancreas" 8a. The Glazed McGuffin Affair 9. The Tell Tale Tail 2/20/98 9a. The Trouble With Gary 10. AAIIIEEE ROBOT 2/27/98 10a. The Invaders 11. 4/11/98 11a. Little Bigfoot 12. The Final Episode 4/25/98
Voice Characterization(sp?) ___________________________ Sam -- Honey Atkin Max -- Robert Tinkler Geek -- Tracey Moore
*First appearance of Geek +First appearance of Mack Salmon