Bela Lubkin's vestigial "home page".

I don't have a real web page yet, but you can email me at

You can also read my résumé.

My wife, Sandy, maintains several pages with stories and pictures about our lives.

Current day-to-day blog on Facebook (2009)
Current day-to-day blog on Livejournal (2009)
Sandy's previous day-to-day blog (2005-2009)
another intermittent picture blog (2005-2008)
Our small farm
newborn pictures of our second daughter, Katie (2003)
early pictures of our first daughter, Nadya (2001-2002)
our honeymoon trip to Russia and Europe (1997)
My sister Irene's weekly potluck
My mom Thelma's home page
Mom's page on Facebook
Various useful information I have collected for my own reference...
Links to US mobile / cellular phone providers' signal coverage maps