Some additions to Victory

Like most gamers, I can't leave well enough alone. :)

Below are links to some things I've written to expand Victory.

  1. Optional Rules
    1. Miscellaneous Rules This is a collection of optional rules for throwing into scenarios, to add that "twist" that makes scenarios unique and interesting.
    2. Supply-based Turn Sequence This is an adaptation of CG's fun and elegant turn sequence from the the Civil War and Block Front games. It lengthens and complicates the game somewhat, but darn it, it's a beautiful game mechanic for simulating strategic-level logistics and C3 problems.

  2. Scenarios
    1. The Tux War
      2 players
      The Republicans try to throw off the yoke of the loyal Monarchists in a bloody civil war.

    2. Monkey in the Middle
      3-4 players
      One big empire fights a 2-front war against 2 smaller ones. Every player has his own victory conditions, but players on each side must co-operate.

    3. The Desert War
      2 players
      2 nations fight over a desert colony area with limited supply and small numbers of units.

    4. The Front
      2 players
      The League of Free States offensive to conquer the Socialist Confederation has bogged down on a 500+ mile front. The stalemate must end before the Chairman of the League starts purging his unsuccessful officers.
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