Qty Type Description Special Rules
8 Irr LH(O) Cavalry
8 Irr Ps(O) or Irr Ax(I) Javelinmen
3 Generals The king and his seconds.
Options Choose 3 options
Each line in an option
3 Irr LH(O) Cavalry
3 Irr Ps(O) or Irr Ax(I) Javelinmen
3 Irr Ps(O) Archers or slingers.
1 Irr Cv(O) Gallic and Spanish bodyguard Only Juba I, 55 to 46 BC.
Must be C-in-C element.
2 Irr El(I) African elephants Only Juba I or Jugurtha.
1 Irr El(I) African elephants Any but Bogud.
3 Irr Ax(S) Spanish foot Only Bogud in 47 BC.
4 Reg Bd(I) Imitation legionaries. Only after 56 BC.

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