Qty Type Description Special Rules
4 Reg Sp(O) Mercenary hoplites
4 Reg Sp(I) Citizen hoplites
3 Reg Ps(O) Archers and slingers
1 Reg Cv(I) Greek cavalry
2 Reg Cv(I) or LH(O) Greek cavalry
3 Generals Syracusan officers Must be Cv or Sp
Options Choose 5 mercenary options, or 1 ally + 2 mercenary options.
Any option may be doubled in size if counted as 2 options.
Each option may only be chosen once.
Mercenaries (each line is one option)
1 Reg Sp(S) Mercenary bodyguard If double size, both elements must be deployed in edge-to-edge contact with each other.
1 Reg Art(O) Bolt-shooters Only after 399 BC
2 Irr Ps(I) Javelinmen
1 Irr Wb(S) Gauls
1 Irr Ax(S) Iberians
1 Reg Ax(S) Peltasts or thureophoroi
1 Reg Ax(S) More peltasts or thureophoroi
1 Reg Cv(O) Campanian horse
2 Reg Ax(O) or Reg Sp(O) Italian foot
Carthaginian ally
2 Reg Cv(O) Punic horse All elements of this allied contingent must be commanded by it's own general. This contingent may not contain any other troops.
2 Reg Sp(O) African spearmen
2 Irr LH(O) Numidian cavalry
2 Irr Ps(O) African skirmishers
2 Irr Wb(F) or
Irr Ax(S)
or Irr LH(O)
Gauls, Iberians, or Africans
1 Irr El(I) or Reg Cv(O) Extra mounted troops
1 Ally general Punic ally general May not be Ps
Sicilian Greek ally
2 Reg Cv(I) Cavalry All elements of this allied contingent must be commanded by it's own general. It may contain other mercenaries, but not troops from the Basic Forces.
4 Irr Sp(I) Citizen hoplites
2 Reg Ps(I) Javelineers
2 Reg Sp(O) or Reg Ax(O) Mercenary hoplites or peltasts
1 Ally general Greek tyrant or appointed general

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