DBA Additions

The Age of Arthur

A 2-9 player DBA campaign set in post-Roman Britain. Uses a system of card play to conduct the campaign and generate battles. Still under development, suggestions welcome.

Syrian War: Antiochus vs. Ptolemy

A two-person "piston" campaign that fits on one page and takes two double-sized armies. Fun way to generate battles quickly and give them some (but not too much) context.

Duelling Republics

A Punic Wars DBA campaign, which puts all the players on one of two sides: Rome or Carthage.

The 100 Years War

A Medieval twist on the usual DBA campaign.

DBA Naval Rules

Additional rules and troop types for DBA to make ancient and medieval fleet combat as simple as possible.

DBA Big Battles

My house modifications to the DBA 2.0 Big Battles rules that make them play better in campaigns, and also fix a few of the problems as published.

A Medieval Campaign System for DBA

A complete DBA campaign system, that can be used for any Medieval European setting. A little more complex than the book system, but designed to keep every player involved in every battle. This is in a very beta-release state, completely untested, and I'm sure it's full of egregious bugs. I haven't looked at it in years. If you try it, let me know.

Mail your input to Ix (fathom at armory dot com).