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Why Heal?

We now know that technology is not intrinsically good, and it won't save us from our present catastrophe. As a neutral knife may cut butter or kill, so it is that human intention governs the evolved use of technology: Though physical in context, it is to be a servant of the heart and spirit, otherwise, it ought not exist at all. The advancement of our ability to love is our main collective purpose. It shall be embodied in our societal structure presently. Hop to it.

Why You Deserve To Heal

Human Inherent Nature:

This is who you are as a full human -- qualities which cannot be taken away from you.

Qualities of Inherent Nature:

  1. I exist. I have a right to be alive in the fullness of my being. I have a right to take up space in the world, up to and including my healthy individual boundaries.
  2. I am inherently good, innocent, blameless. I am worthy of self-love.
  3. I matter.
  4. I am now and always have been inherently good, lovable, responsible, unique, self-correcting, sexual, intelligent, peaceful, powerful, playful, attractive, sacred.
  5. These qualities are who one is, separate from how one feels, or how one has been hurtfully conditioned to act or feel while growing up.

Dimensions of Inherent Human Nature:

  1. Universal: They are true of every woman, man, boy, girl, no matter how the person acts, treats self or other, feels, or looks.
  2. Permanent: One's inherent nature can't be taken away, it can only be obscured by the distress we all carry from adultism, sexism, racism, classism, oppression around body type/look, and all the rest.
  3. Unconditional: The truth of the qualities of one's inherent nature have no conditions attached. You are completely good regardless, not good IF x, y, and z. Conditions are imposed from the outside and often feel powerful because they are associated with physical survival and isolation, as in the case of children being threatened (consciously or not) with abandonment if they don't do what parents or older kids want.
  4. Limitless: There is no limit on the expression and development of one's inherent qualities. One has unlimited potential.
  5. Whole and Complete: Each person is whole and complete, born with inherent nature intact, even though there are now layers of accumulated trauma on top.
  6. Unique: Each person is unique in the expression of inherent nature...conditioning tries to make us look the same, to think there is a right way to be. There is no need to search for uniformity.

Our inherent nature is our most powerful reality, more powerful than the pain and distress from old hurts which is piled on top. The qualities of our inherent nature have been so systematically trashed by social conditioning that we have come to think of these qualities as god-like and unattainable.

Reclaiming Inherent Nature:

  • Decide to live your life based on your inherent nature (true nature).
  • Reclaim qualities prohibited to you by society's expectations.
  • Reclaim qualities that were prohibited to you by can be warm, tender, loving, cry with honor, be patient, compassionate, nurturing, and women get to lead, be powerful, get used to technical/intellectual competence and physical strength.
  • Reclaim qualities which have been distorted by conditioning into our traditional roles. For example, we can choose to have loving, connected power, empowerment from within, rather than the traditional isolated controlling power, which is so prevalent in western civilization. True power is the ability to create, sustain, and engage in life in all its diverse forms.