Welcome To

DarkAngel's Lair

There must be a reason for you to come here...
Friend or foe? or strange circumstance? luck of a link?
Whichever purpose brought you here, you are here to find out about me...

Where to start??? How about my names:

Heh, heh...While you are in my clutches, I may as well subject you to my obsessions

  • Writing (particularly gloom and doom poetry...read some!).
  • Traveling (when the Fates allow... Europe yesterday, Tomorrow the World!!!).
  • Reading (good books are always appreciated!).
  • Art (perhaps I should say, "attempts" at creating art).
  • Music (the songs playing in my soul).
  • Learning (yeah, I know, strange one, but I love Academics!).
  • Old Dead Things (my version of heaven... the deader the better!).
  • Job Hunting (the face of harsh reality snarls at me, and my resume!).
  • Finally, see my friends (those few who broke down the walls).

Ok, so you've come this far...

You may as well see me and the creature most dear to me...