Dead and gone and this is how we remember you

Another talk.bizarre tradition is the memorial haiku, posted when one first hears the news of a celebrity's death. I am missing a huge number of these from the early days, unfortunately.

Peter Cook (13 Jan 1995)

Bedazzled, I am.

Best devil there ever was

gone to his reward.

Princess Di (2 Sept 1997)

Drunken idiot

Fleeing from the cameras.

Burning Man, not Di.

Pol Pot (20 Apr 1998)

The lucky old man

dies peacefully, in his sleep,

unlike his victims.

Alan Shepard (23 July 1998)

I say in passing

Our first astronaut has died.

"Really? John Glenn's gone?"

Mel Torme (10 Jun 1999)

Be bop ba do dah

Doo-dee dim da-doo zih-zah

Boodly bo bye-bye.

DeForest Kelley (14 Jun 1999)


Deforrest Kelley

was a doctor, dammit, Jim.

Even Vulcans weep.


No fucking way, man!

He was on, like, "Bonanza"

and... "Gunsmoke"... I think.

Terence McKenna (4 Apr 2000)

Timewave collapses

A personal eschaton

To go scout ahead