It takes a steady hand.

Outworlders (22 Jan 94)

When the Outworlders came for Bob and Maggie, they descended
silently, appearing over the newlyweds' car as a glowing ray
of blue-white light. The car and its contents were paralyzed
and dragged into the ship, where collection teams went right
                    to work, herding Bob
                  to the left  away. While
                while Maggie    not entirely
              was kept out.      awake, Maggie
            They subjected        had peripheral
          Bob to a number          sensations. The
        of basic pattern            tests performed
      recognition tests              on her-- mostly a
    but he failed them                thorough examining
  all. The results of                  of her reproductive
a physical exam were                    system-- were merely
well-liked, however.                    routine. Outworlders
  Clearly this animal                  are nothing, if not
    was worth a second                exacting. Noting a
      and more complete              six-week fetus in
        examination some            her system, they
          time later. The          removed it-- it
            proper tracers        would never be
              were set. His      missed-- then
                mate was set    led her back
                  in the room  to the room
                    with Bob. The stasis
was removed as the two humans were returned to their vehicle
and dropped back onto the road. The ship vanished as swiftly
as it came, and Bob and Maggie went on to their destination,
his sister Suzy's house, where they enjoyed their honeymoon.
Bob later disappeared. Maggie never had any children. Never.

Tales of the Hive (1 Dec 1993)

1. Despite a number of strange &        2. She scanned the usual locales
compelling urges which tore at        in search of other suitable test  
him insistently, Michael did        subjects. Not just any drone, of    
not accept her suggestion.        course, would properly do. After      
She seemed to be trained        all, the Queen's criteria always        
appropriately, but the        stretched the limits of the test        3.
ethics of the situa-        facility's resources. After some        That
tion bothered both        time, she took a short break and        budget
his moral senses        nibbled on a pack of servant bug        must get
and the lining        skulls. Once again reviewing the        increased,
of his eight        assignment detail briefing, with        he demanded.
faces. Far        an eye toward potential lines of        The project is
too many        action, she came across a rather        just too import-
risks,        odd set of notes, scrawled along        ant to leave hang-
said        the back of the data-comb, which        ing with no funding.
I.        suggested that the royal funding        The royal cabinet took
        of their project might have some        in his words silently. A
      darker overall motivation. Could        quick vote was held when  
    the Queen have ulterior motives?        his speech had ended. At    
  Should she even question it? The        the present time, things      
old facility supervisor, who had        were changing at the top        
been her trainer and mentor, a        of the hive. Many shifts        4.
crusty and opinionated elder        of priority had diverted        When
bee, had died mysteriously        funding and laborers. An        it had
a year earlier, both her        overall restructuring of        all been
wings burned off. Per-        the hive was rumored. To        taken care
haps questions would        let one old project take        of, he spent
be a bad idea, she        so many needed resources        more time with
decided, and set        was unthinkable. After a        her. She now had
out again with        quick vote, the decision        nursery duty. Many
goals clear,        was made-- the drone was        grubs were entrusted
a suitable        stripped of his rank and        to her care, & she was
servant.        made to mine honeycombs.        the perfect mom to them.

Four points coming through the gate at Yale (5 Dec 1993)

Doesn't the Order see time moving now?

"It doesn't really matter HOW you do it; any faster-than-light travel fucks up causality, or CAN fuck up causality. Wormholes, folded space, tachyons, warp factor, hyperspeed; it doesn't matter what the means are.

Matter fucks someone up, though you just point at it.

To someone, somewhere, the order of events is screwed up. They'll see it even though maybe WE won't. Obviously you just don't GET it, do you? Teleportation equals time travel, FROM someone's point of view.

How can we get from here to there?

HERE, diagram it out: teleportation TO the eyes of an external observer moving along the line of the teleport at relativistic velocity. Ah, yes, it all becomes clear now, doesn't it? THERE."

Goof off on company time (Anagrams: Date unrecorded)

Yak of acid lust

	They were big, hairy, alien, and direly in need of a new genetic
	host. It was most unfortunate that they found our chintzy little
	planet. Even fouler was the fact that the implantation procedure
	produced a blaze of fast-acting oxidizers. Now we hobble around,
	lacking fingers, facial features, body hair, chunks of skin-- in
	dire fear of our buffalo incubi who might fall from the sky with
	no warning, mounting us at their leisure.

Aid a cult of sky

	They were the windbringers, the storm-makers, the children of an
	angry cloud demon. They would come to the village sometimes, and
	demand whatever they felt like-- a sacrifice, money, food, maybe
	some sex. Then they'd make our crops grow. The locust would flee
	and the rivers would run cool and deep. But something is changed
	now and they are weakening. Now we have the chance. Soon we will
	bring them down and steal their secrets. Then we will bring rain
	and go to other places, taking whatever we wish.

Days I fuck a lot

	Ten twenty fifty more. Like a machine, I am. Extrude and fill. I
	could slow down and smell the roses, but tender takes forever 'n
	romance is for those with fewer obligations.

Duos: A fly, a tick

	Fly:	Look! Dog! Yummy!

	Tick:	Agreemsg. Blood! Fresh! Mmmm!

	Fly:	Blood? Wrong!

	Tick:	Huh?

	Fly:	Shit! Edible. Rich. Better.

	Tick:	Shit? Ug. Gross.

	Fly:	Maybe. So?

	Tick:	Nothing.

	Fly:	Bye!

	Tick:	Whatever.

Sac-to-Yak Fluid

	Just microwave and pour!

Flay a Kid Scout

	"Hello, sir, I'm with Troop Two Forty-Four and we're selling
	tickets to our annual Jamboree and OH GOD NO NO PLEASE DON'T