21 September 1994

John's "blob" dreams are spreading much like the creature itself, apparently. Dreamt that I was living with my family again, and we had lots of cats. And the blob was taking them over one at a time. Actually, it was more like "The Thing"-- it mimicked them almost perfectly, but sometimes it would act just a little bit off and we could tell it wasn't really our cats. And the damn things were just about unkillable. We crammed one into a little space behind a bookshelf and it just lay there for a while, so we though it was dead, but then it disappeared when we weren't looking. And, in the end, I had to throw my very first cat, Pepper, off a skyscraper, but she, too, survived. And that was how we met the hunters.

The hunters were these psychos with guns who had been fighting the blob mimicking creature for a long time. I joined them, then, and soon I was one of the best hunters out there. And we would occasionally fight people, too, but I don't know if they were people who were infested by the blob, or if they were just other monster-hunters. The latter, I think, because occasionally we would take prisoners and then later they would join our ranks.

Funny, that. It just now occurs to me that our group was sort of blob-like in its own way, spreading out, devouring other smaller groups, and turning them into more of us. I wonder if we were actually blobbed ourselves? I was sure at the time that we were not...

At any rate, I had this horrifyingly tricked-out FN-FAL assault rifle with a 75-round box mag, and man did I ever lay waste with it. The largest fight was in some small cluster of specialty stores in an indoor mini-mall. About fifteen people on each side, and I was cutting them down left and right without being so much as scratched. They were slow, sucky shots. And after it was over, we captured their survivors and dragged them along, and I knew that at first we couldn't trust them, because they had just been captured and all, but eventually we'd bond with them and they'd end up saving our lives and then they would be of us, for sure.