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I am interested in many things. As you may have guessed by now, I am a bit of a photograph junkie! I prefer film to electronic imaging, though I am interested in the possibilities inherent in Hi-8 video stills (it's possible to use the Hi-8 (can't remember the model number) in "snapshot" mode, which gives a pretty decent-quality image. certainly better than the quality of an Apple QuickTake 100, but that may just be my prejudice).

Okay, that's seriously old. These days I find myself taking most of my photographs in the digital medium, using an Olympus D-360L. This makes it a lot easier to share photos with family members (At last look, only one of my near relatives is without e-mail.). Ofoto suffices for making good-quality prints of most pictures. is useful for translating my film into the digital realm. (I don't work for either of these places, but I am a very satisfied customer.)

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Here follows a list of some of my favorite links.

Going in style? Try these Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds. To prove it, here's a link to the Real Beer Page.
And if you have beer, why not go fo the other college staple, ramen!
Something that goes even better with beer is chili. Wayne Allen gives you all the info you could possibly need to clear your sinuses.
Strange music? Why, yes, it's "Weird Al" Yankovic...

It should be noted that the sound files on this page are in .wav format, so if you have a Macintosh, you'll need SoundApp to convert them to a usable format.

Speaking of strange, here's the X-Files.
If the truth is out there, maybe the EON-4 Project will discover it.
Urban folklore is FUN! Find details and archives at The (former) Cathouse.
Ever wondered if Dave Barry's story about the exploding whale was true? Get all the gory details from Dave DeBry's page.
Postcards from the edge? Find 'em at your friendly Internet stationers.
Let the Reeve direct you to a summary of his tale. Chaucer's version from what seems to be a sort of online CliffsNotes(tm). Or you can get the full version in semi-intelligible Middle English from the same source.
And speaking of semi-intelligible English, try looking at your favorite pages through the ValleyURL.

Limited Time Only!
The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue may be found here...
The 1999 issue may be found here.
The 1998 issue may be found here.
The 1997 issue may be found here.
And the 1996 issue may be found on this link.

Speaking of interests, here's a picture of my wife, Laura, who, you'll be happy to know, is entering her fourth year of teaching fifth grade at a small private school in San Jose. This picture was taken shortly after we met, and was the first one she allowed me to put online. I never have gotten around to linking in our wedding pictures, though the wedding gallery page still exists as a monument to my laziness. :)

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