Who is this Marc Reeve, anyway?

My World Wide Web Pages were black for 48 hours to protest second-class treatment from the US Government for free speech. This one remains black to continue awareness of the problem. Read about it at this WWW page.

Free speech court decision

A decision is near in the fight to overturn the Communications Decency Act.
Watch this image and follow the link for more information.

"A man, a plan, a canal, Panama!"

-palindrome dedicated to Teddy Roosevelt

so what do you want to know? i've been a geek (this is geeking. you too are a geek, though you may not realise it) at UC Santa Cruz for over eight years now and i can't see it changing anytime soon. i was a Theater Arts major, but I finally graduated June 15, 1996. Now I work in the Information Services department at SCO, which you may know as a provider of one flavor of UNIX software. :)

i'm an Oakes type, assuming that means anything to you. :) i remember when the Oakes stat lab was mostly tvi910s, with a separate room of Mac pluses for those who claimed to need to do some work. *sigh* weren't those the days... i also have been around long enough to remember the glory days of the Oakes Federation, and when totoro@netcom.com was still known as numbers. :)

i come from what used to be called a nuclear family. who knows what they call it these days. *snicker* Mom and Dad have been married for 30 years this December (1996), and there are two children, of which I am the elder. My sister and I have the same initials, which led to no end of trouble with monograms. Melissa is two years younger than myself, slightly obsessed with rhinoceroses, and is currently attending the University of Hawaii, seeking a graduate degree in English. (She has a BA in English Literature from UC Berkeley [Go Bears!]) Here is a picture which was taken many moons ago on my eighteenth birthday. (For reference's sake, I should mention that I'm now 26 as of June 3, 1996.) Pictured are my mother, my sister, and myself.

i finally have a computer and modem of mine own here. now i can geek 24 hours a day (or until my wife shoots me, whichever cometh first). if i'm not doing anything "useful" (heh heh) i can often be found on the worldwide chat system known as ICB (not to be confused with the Antichrist of worldwide chat which is IRC.). Look for me as "Phantom".

the nickname refers to years of doing yearbook in high school. i survived six years of Catholic school with only slight warping to show for it (though if you ever get into a discussion about Christianity with me, you may regret it. i'm slightly cynical in that regard. so much so, in fact, that I've converted to Judaism. though there are other reasons for that choice ;).

anyone with spare change is encouraged to contribute it to me ASAP. bills up to $100 accepted. :)

interests? oh yeah, those. i like photography, mtrek (follow this link to find me spouting off about certain ship types), candles (both making them and burning them), explosives (though not to the extent of spcecdt, to whom i bow in awe), rock-n-roll (_not_ rap, except for a very few exceptions) and bombastic classical music (f'rinstance, the 1812 Overture or Carmina Burana). I have a mountain bike, and i wish i would get off my butt and ride it more often. ah well.

my most important interest at the moment is acct. aeron. :) further deponent sayeth not. we got married on June 25th, 1996, and i sometimes still have to pinch myself to remind myself it's not all a dream. :)

Ms. Kaufman (Melinda? I can't remember), this is for you. hi!


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