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The main exhibit of the Panorama Museum of the Battle of Borodino is a panoramic painting of the Battle of Borodino which was created by the Russian artist Franz Roubot for the centennial of the battle in 1912. My guidebook gives the dimensions of the painting as 115 meters (377 feet) long and 15 meters (49 feet) high. After the centennial, it was stored for more than 40 years before it was installed in this museum. P> (A picture of a painting)The cavalry advances.

(A picture of a painting)Cavalry fighting.

(A picture of a painting)Infantry fighting while farm houses are destroyed by battle. Infantrymen running through the cabbage patch. The fence and building in the foreground are real, not part of the painting.

(A picture of a painting)Infantry and artillery.

(A picture of a painting)Infantry battle.

(A picture of a painting)A view from across the room.

(A picture of a painting)Actual cannon in the foreground looks like it came off the battlefield.

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