Ben, Nadya

Best friends Ben and Nadya share a bath - I mean a snack - of yogurt in the weeks leading up to the birth.

Click here to read how Katie was born in front of the hospital

Birth Nurse, Katie in NICU Birth site

The hospital personnel's response was amazing - just as if it had been scripted for TV. Afterwards Katie spent 40 minutes being monitored in the NICU. Sandy and Katie revisit the birth site. "For under us a child is born"

Bela, Katie, Emergency Delivery kit

Bela holds Katie and the unused Emergency Delivery kit. (Photo courtesy of godfather Evan Hunt)


Katrina Noelle Lubkin only a few hours old

Ben & Evan meet Katie Family Family Nadya with bottles

Some of our visitors at the hospital. Ben was unimpressed. Evan was delighted. Nadya was worried, although less worried when Katie gave her a present (doll bottles).

Thelma, Chip Nadya, Thelma Katie, Thelma Katie, Thelma Nadya, Thelma

Grandma Thelma had a blast playing with both granddaughters.

Nadya, Katie, Sandy Sandy, 3 kittens Nip

Relaxing at home with some of our cats.

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