Web Designing Purity Test
Check all boxes for which your answer is "yes".
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Since this is my first attempt at making a Purity test, this test is likely be get modified. If you have any comments/suggestions or questions you would like to have added, please feel free to tell me. Also, please note this is NOT to be taken seriously. Don't get into any trouble because of this. I am also not responsible for any of the consequences which may happen to you after taking this test. This is for fun.
  1. Do you know what HTML is?
  2. Have you ever created a web page before?
  3. How about multiple pages?
  4. Do you use an editor (such as notepad (not html editors))?
  5. Have you ever done a document source of another page?
  6. Would you die if you had to live without coding in HTML for a week?
  7. Have you ever thought of becoming a professional web designer?
  8. Have you ever dreamt of making a web page?
  9. and done so as soon as you woke up?
  10. Have you ever stayed up till the wee hours of the morning to create/modify/finish a web page?
  11. Would you rather code in HTML then be with your significant other?
  12. Have you ever purchased any books concerning web designing?
  13. When creating a web page, do you start from scratch? (meaning that there are no tags to help you along)
  14. Have you ever offered help to your friends for creating a web page?
  15. and they accepted?
  16. and YOU were the one to do it since they didn't know how to code?
  17. Do you know what Javascript is?
  18. Have you ever taking a programming course to be able to learn Java or Javascript?
  19. and succeeded in learning what you wanted?
  20. Have you ever tried coding a page with Javascript?
  21. and it worked?
  22. Did you show all your friends because you were so proud?
  23. Have you purchased software or books about Javascript to learn more?
  24. did you get the help that you needed?
  25. Have you ever told someone their site would look better with Javascript?
  26. and they listened?
  27. and asked you for help?
  28. Do you know what Java is?
  29. Have you ever tried coding in Java?
  30. Didn't work so you got a pre-made code of Java instead?
  31. Have you ever web designed for 2 or more hours?
  32. 5 or more?
  33. 10 or more?
  34. 15 or more?
  35. more then 24 hours STRAIGHT?? (sleepy anyone?)
  36. Have you ever coded a web page instead of going out?
  37. Have you ever skipped a class to do some web designing??
  38. Have you ever been called completed addicted to web designing?
  39. and even admitted it to yourself?
  40. Have you been web designing for more then 2 months?
  41. more then 6?
  42. more then a year?
  43. more then 2?
  44. Do you have more then one web site?
  45. More then two?
  46. More then five??
  47. Do you have your own domain?
  48. If you could wish for anything in the world, would it be to become a web designer for a living?
  49. Have you ever wished to become a webmaster?
  50. and succeeded in that wish?
  51. Do you have pictures of all your friends on your web site??
  52. Do you like cookies?
  53. When you first read that question above, was your first thought a file called cookies.txt?
  54. Do you know how cookies work?
  55. Have you ever tried working with cookies?
  56. were you successful?
  57. Do you have cookies on your site?
  58. Is your site visited often?
  59. Have you ever wanted more space in your web site?
  60. Have you ever become a member at a website to have MORE space?
  61. Do you find you do not enough place in your web site for all your files?
  62. Do you know what HTMLscript is?
  63. Have you ever used it before?
  64. Have you accomplished many things using it?
  65. Does filename.cgi mean anything to you?
  66. Have you ever attempted to work within a cgi-bin?
  67. were you successful?
  68. Have people ever asked you for help concerning a cgi script?
  69. if so, were you able to help them? if not, did you ever wish you had?
  70. Have you ever made a web site about your favorite tv show(s)?
  71. how about your favorite computer game(s)?
  72. Did people tell you that your site really looked awesome?
  73. In the future, do you wish to become a web designer for a computer company?
  74. Do you have more then one email address?
  75. more then three?
  76. more then five? (okay, aren't we getting a bit carried away here?)
  77. When creating a web site, do you try and make it look as complicated as possible just to try and impress people with your skill?
  78. Does your web site take less then 30 seconds to load?
  79. from about 30 seconds to one minute?
  80. between one to two minutes?
  81. 2 or more mintues? (yikes, cut down on the graphics!)
  82. Do you know what a form is?
  83. Have you ever used forms on a site before?
  84. Have you used one or more types of forms? (ex. )
  85. more then two types?
  86. all the types invented so far?
  87. For creating graphics, do you use one or more graphical programs? (such as Paint Shop Pro)?
  88. Do you have a good knowledge of how to use Photo Shop?
  89. Have you ever thought or wished to teach web designing as a teacher in the future?
  90. Have you ever written a book on how to create/design/maintain a web page?
This test uses the Armory CGI BIN to calcutate the score for the purity test, maintained by John Dubois. Without him, this test would not be possible. However, he is NOT responsible for anything on this test.