'childhood is hell' childhood trauma checklist

death of parent
death of brother/sister
death of best friend
death of imaginary playmate
death of santa claus
divorce of parents
moving to a new city
remarriage of parent
evil stepparent
kicked out of house before 18 years of age
dad blows all the money on the lottery
parent on a diet
parent attempting to quit smoking
refrigerator full of yogurt
having a dorky name
realizing you're not the favourite child
first confrontation with a clown
punished for telling the truth
toilet overflowing
forced to kiss warty old relatives
forced to wear hand me downs
forced to perform in front of parents' friends
being put to bed when not sleepy
parents driving too slowly
receiving underwear for your birthday
scratchy new sweater
boring vacation
being family scapegoat
mom reading your secret diary
throwing up at school
insufferable brother
insufferable sister
being told to say 'thank you' for the 10,000th time
being told to clean your room for the 10,000th time
cleaning your room
republican parents
forced to wear totally stupid clothes
favourite tv show cancelled
dreaming about having no clothes at school
cleaning out cat box
parents calling you by embarrassing nickname in front of friends
wetting your pants at school
being tattled on
tattling on someone and having it backfire
forced to eat spinach
forced to eat broccoli
parents threatening to send you to military school
military school
summer school
sunday school
dancing school
early bedtime strictly enforced
not getting desert because you didn't eat your vegetables
allowance cut off
being told not to eat so fast
being told not to chew with your mouth open
being told to sit up straight
socks as presents
handkerchief for birthday
parents telling you what you will be when you grow up
listening to parents fight in next room
listening to parents fight in same room
being hit by parent
being kicked by parent
slapped by parent
spanked by parent
beaten by parent
burned by parent
locked in closet
sexually molested
getting lost
being called 'bad'
being called 'lazy'
being called 'selfish'
making your mom cry
meeting another kid with your name
being told 'you're just not trying'
being forced to apologize when you don't mean it
not being allowed to go to a slumber party
being told 'i know you could do better
first time seeing dead dog in the road
first starving child seen on tv
first assassination seen on tv
first realization that death is permanent
first realization that death is inevitable
first realization that death happens to everyone
first realization that applies to you too
first ghost seen
being treated like a baby in front of friends
being chosen last for the team
not being invited to a birthday party
first bee sting
first booster shot
being forbidden to play with bad kids
fear of dogs
fear of vampires
fear of robots
fear of aliens
fear of sharks
fear of monsters
fear of bears
fear of lions
fear of psychopaths
fear of nuclear war
fear of dad
caught shoplifting
being told 'you ought to be ashamed of yourself'
_________________________ (fill in the blank)
ongoing nameless dread