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A "MOS" is a Member of the Opposite Sex.

Check all boxes for which your answer is "yes".
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    1. had a date?
    2. been out on a date past 4 am?
    3. had a blind date?
    4. kissed a mos?
    5. been french kissed
    6. kissed a mos in the horizontal position?
    7. french kissed three or more mos's in 24 hours?
    8. kissed a mos in the last three months?
    9. necked for more than 2 hours consecutively?
    10. slow danced cheek-to-cheek?
    11. had an alcoholic drink?
    12. been drunk?
    13. driven while under the influence of alcohol or drugs?
    14. had a lapse of memory due to drinking or drugs?
    15. used alcohol or drugs to lower a mos's resistance?
    16. smoked tobacco?
    17. smoked pot or hashish?
    18. used a stronger drug?
    19. taken 4 or more "recreational" drugs within 24 hours?
    20. read a pornographic book or magazine?
    21. seen a pornographic movie?
    22. seen a stripper?
    23. been arrested for a felony?
    24. been convicted of a crime (felony or better?
    25. had an erection/clitoral erection?
    26. had an orgasm?
    27. had an orgasm in a dream?
    28. fondled a mos's ass?
    29. caressed a mos's thigh?
    30. fondled a breast or had your breast fondled?
    31. wrestled with a mos?
    32. showered, bathed, jacuzzied, or saunaed with a mos?
    33. gone coed skinny-dipping?
    34. gone through the motions of intercourse while fully clothed?
    35. spent the night in a mos's room?
    36. slept in the same bed with a mos?
    37. seen a naked post-pubescent mos?
    38. been seen naked by a mos after puberty?
    39. undressed or been undressed by a mos?
    40. kissed a mos on the breast or been kissed on the breast?
    41. fondled a mos's genitals or had your genitals fondled by a mos?
    42. had an orgasm due to manipulation by a mos?
    43. kissed a mos on the thigh?
    44. engaged in cunnilingus?
    45. engaged in fellatio?
    46. done 69?
    47. engaged in definitely sexual activity on the first date?
    48. masturbated?
    49. masturbated to a picture?
    50. masturbated with another person in the room?
    51. watched another person masturbate?
    52. been caught masturbating?
    53. simulated intercourse with an inanimate object?
    54. committed an act of voyeurism?
    55. committed an act of exhibitionism?
    56. massaged or been massaged by a mos?
    57. unintentionally interrupted a couple in a significant state of undress?
    58. participated in a tickle orgy, gross out, truth or dare, etc.?
    59. experimented sexually before puberty?
    60. purchased contraceptives in a drug store?
    61. had sexual intercourse?
    62. had sexual intercourse more than 10 times?
    63. had sexual intercourse continuously for 1/2 hour?
    64. had sexual intercourse within the last 3 months?
    65. had sexual intercourse 3 or more times in 1 night?
    66. had sexual intercourse in 3 or more positions?
    67. had sexual intercourse in a car?
    68. had sexual intercourse using a condom?
    69. had sexual intercourse at a parents house while they were home?
    70. had sexual intercourse outdoors?
    71. had sexual intercourse with 3 different people?
    72. had sexual intercourse with a virgin?
    73. had sexual intercourse during menstruation?
    74. had sexual intercourse without using birth control?
    75. had sexual intercourse with 2 moss in 24 hours?
    76. had sexual intercourse in a public place?
    77. described a sexual experience to a separate party?
    78. committed statutory rape?
    79. has sex been the reason for 100 miles or more of travel for you?
    80. impregnated a woman or been pregnant?
    81. arranged or had an abortion?
    82. displaced a roommate by staying with a mos for 1 or more nights?
    83. shacked up with a mos for a month or more?
    84. tasted semen?
    85. been propositioned by a prostitute or pimp?
    86. accepted?
    87. had anal intercourse?
    88. been tested for v.d. due to reasonable suspicion?
    89. had v.d.?
    90. picked up a strange mos for sexual purposes?
    91. engaged in group sex?
    92. engaged in sadism or masochism for sexual enjoyment?
    93. been propositioned by a member of the same sex?
    94. accepted?
    95. been masturbated by a member of the same sex?
    96. been orally stimulated by a member of the same sex?
    97. committed incest?
    98. fondled a pre-pubescent mos?
    99. engaged in transvestitism for sexual enjoyment?
    100. committed bestiality?