Purity Test

    How nice are you, really?

Perhaps you aren't sure whether or not you are a nice person. Maybe you want to be, and maybe you don't. The purpose of this test is for you to get a better idea, based on things you have or have not done, and ways you have or have not felt. Whatever your goal is, good luck.

Read the questions below. Check all the boxes for which your answer is "yes." Then hit the "submit" button at the bottom.

A Note About Scoring:
All the scoring is generously provided by The Armory. However, if the scoring doesn't work, you may also figure out your nice pure percentage by yourself. Just divide the number of questions you left blank by the total number of questions to find the nice pure percentage. To find the nice corrupt percentage, divide the number of questions you checked by the total number of questions, or just subtract the nice pure percentage from 100.

    Have you ever:

1.) wanted somebody to stop talking, because you could not stand the sound of his/her voice?
2.) used somebody for your own personal benefit?
3.) used somebody for your own personal benefit and not felt badly about it afterward?
4.) lied?
5.) lied to the police?
6.) thought about breaking somebody's arm, leg, or whatever?
7.) yelled at a stranger for no apparent reason?
8.) gotten mad at somebody just for the sake of getting mad?
9.) felt the urge to kill an animal?
10.) actually killed an animal?
11.) felt the urge to kill a person?
12.) actually killed a person?
13.) believed you were the centre of the universe?
14.) been completely bored when a person has told you something extremely important to him/her?
15.) been described as a hypocrite?
16.) agreed with the description?
17.) been told you did not care enough about something?
18.) ignored somebody when they were crying?
19.) punched somebody?
20.) punched somebody in the face?
21.) hurt somebody on purpose?
22.) hurt somebody to the point they didn't fully recover?
23.) hated somebody for no reason?
24.) made an ethnic joke?
25.) made any other joke intended to offend a specific group of people?
26.) put salt on a snail?
27.) egged somebody's house?
28.) stolen anything?
29.) stolen anything from a small child?
30.) tripped somebody?
31.) tripped somebody with the intent to cause harm?
32.) thought that you were the only one who mattered?
33.) purposely broken something which belonged to another person?
34.) borrowed something only never to return it?
35.) started a fight?
36.) insulted somebody?
37.) made somebody cry because of an insult?
38.) made a voodoo doll of somebody you didn't like?
39.) pulled somebody's hair?
40.) purposely ruined somebody's clothes?
41.) wanted to poison somebody?
42.) poisoned somebody?
43.) set somebody on fire?
44.) kicked somebody in the shins?
45.) told somebody that (s)he looked terrible? (in a malicious way.)
46.) commented on somebody's lack of intelligence?
47.) led somebody on with an ulterior motive?
48.) felt that if somebody didn't stop doing a particular thing, that you were going to strangle him/her? (or something equally or more mean.)
49.) felt that somebody was just in the way?
50.) wanted to be friends with somebody only because (s)he was popular?
51.) thrown somebody into a dumpster?
52.) not warned somebody when you foresaw something bad about to happen to him/her?
53.) thought you were better than somebody else, only because you were better looking?
54.) been decidedly greedy?
55.) felt that when a person died, (s)he was doing a service to society?
56.) told somebody that (s)he was worthless? (and meant it.)
57.) not stopped your car to help somebody who was stranded on the road?
58.) been racist?
59.) made racist comments to somebody?
60.) acted rashly due to hatred of a specific race?
61.) decided that you hated a specific type of people? (stereotyped?)
62.) recommended to somebody that (s)he should commit suicide?
63.) turned the hose on a stranger?
64.) thrown water balloons at passing cars?
65.) put tacks on somebody's chair?
66.) broken somebody's window on purpose?
67.) beat up somebody?
68.) beat up a small child?
69.) tortured somebody in a medieval dungeon?
70.) *seriously* tortured somebody in a medieval dungeon?
71.) felt that people should stop what they were doing just to help you?
72.) committed a misdemeanor?
73.) gotten away with it?
74.) committed a felony?
75.) gotten away with it?
76.) poked somebody's eye out?
77.) broken something worth over $500?
78.) broken something worth over $500 on purpose?
79.) attempted to cast a spell in order to send a person a little bit of ill-will?
80.) peed on a homeless person?
81.) shaken a baby to death? (like Louise Woodward, the British Au Pair.)
82.) broken a bottle, vase, or other glass item over somebody's head?
83.) pushed somebody out of a boat?
84.) *really* felt that you wanted the bad guys to win in a movie?
85.) wanted to open Pandora's Box, just to see what would happen?
86.) pushed somebody in a roller/ice skating rink, just so (s)he would fall down?
87.) written something mean in somebody's yearbook (or written a mean letter to somebody), and signed it anonymously? (or signed the name of another person?)
88.) written something mean in somebody's yearbook (or written a mean letter to somebody), and signed your name?
89.) burned somebody's house down? (or if not a house, then a flat, trailer, cardboard box, whatever.)
90.) carried a concealed weapon?
91.) carried a concealed weapon other than the obvious?
92.) avoided somebody only so that you would not have to talk him/her?
93.) decided that you were a sadist?
94.) tied up a masochist, only not to hurt them?
95.) considered that maybe Satan *did* invent Devil's Food Cake?
96.) wanted to exclude somebody from a group, because you felt that his/her presence detracted from your own?
97.) actually excluded the person aforementioned?
98.) bitten somebody maliciously?
99.) attempted to kill yourself?
100.) taken a purity test before, and decided that you wanted a *lower* purity percentage?


I'd like to thank The Armory for scoring these tests.