Check all boxes for which your answer is "yes".
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    Have you ever:
  1. gotten sexually aroused?
  2. ... for more than one hour continuously?
  3. ... while dancing with someone?
  4. ... during a non-sexual activity?
  5. been on a date?
  6. single dated?
  7. had four or more separate dates in three days?
  8. kissed someone?
  9. ... on the first date?
  10. ... on the neck (or conversely)?
  11. ... while lying down?
  12. french kissed?
  13. ... on the first date?
  14. ear frenched someone?
  15. danced cheek to cheek?
  16. told someone that you loved them?
  17. kissed in a car for more than one hour continuously?
  18. bought porn and read it for more than fifteen minutes continuously?
  19. masturbated?
  20. ... on the average of twice a week or more for at least a month?
  21. ... on an average of once day or more for at least a week?
  22. ... with the aid of pornography or fantasizing?
  23. ... in front of someone?
  24. ... with a foreign object?
  25. pinched or patted a stranger's ass?
  26. kissed a stranger?
  27. picked up a stranger?
  28. kissed for more than fifteen minutes continuously?
  29. kissed for more than two hours continuously?
  30. had an orgasm while kissing?
  31. exchanged sexual experiences with your date?
  32. seen an X-rated movie?
  33. ... with a member of an attracting sex?
  34. seen a completely nude member of the opposite sex in the flesh?
  35. paid to see a live sexual display (exposure through sexual intercourse and/ or perversions)?
  36. had an alcohloic beverage for non-religious purposes?
  37. successfully used alcohol or drugs to lower your or someone else's resis- tance to sex?
  38. been masturbated to a climax by someone else?
  39. dry humped?
  40. tasted semen (not by accident -- thanks, Josh)?
  41. undressed (or been undressed by) someone completely for sexual activities?
  42. been in bed with someone for sexual activities?
  43. been awake for eight or more hours continuously without any clothes on?
  44. purchased contraceptives?
  45. gotten or given a hickey?
  46. drawn blood from someone during sexual activities (or conversely)?
  47. shacked up with someone for two or more continuous nights?
  48. slept with someone?
  49. fondled someone's covered genitalia?
  50. ... on the first date?
  51. come while sleeping?
  52. frenched a nipple of either sex?
  53. fondled someone's uncovered genitalia?
  54. had you bare genitalia fondled?
  55. had a one night stand with a non-stranger?
  56. used a dildo, doll, artificial vagina, etc.?
  57. taken a shower with someone in the nude?
  58. orally stimulated someone's genitals (or conversely)?
  59. climaxed just from oral stimulation?
  60. brought someone to a climax just from oraly stimulation?
  61. been walked in on?
  62. climaxed at the same time as your partner during sex?
  63. gotten or given a rimjob? (A rimjob involves running the tongue around the anal lips)
  64. picked up a stranger and subsequently had sex with him/her?
  65. participated actively in an orgy?
  66. gone swimming with someone in the nude?
  67. committed incest?
  68. inserted your penis, dildo, finger, etc. into someone's anus (or con- versely)?
  69. ?
  70. propositioned someone?
  71. been propositioned by a non-prostitute?
  72. seduced someone (or been seduced by someone)?
  73. HAD SEX with a member of the opposite sex?
  74. ... with a member of the same sex?
  75. ... with someone less than fifteen or more than forty years of age?
  76. ... in a public place?
  77. ... with a professor, teacher, or RA?
  78. ... on you parents' or grandparents' bed (even if they were there at the time)?
  79. ... in the student houses?
  80. ... outdoors?
  81. ... with more than one person?
  82. ... with more than two people in the same night or day?
  83. ... with a virgin?
  84. ... without using a contraceptive?
  85. ... with a prostitute?
  86. ... with more than four people?
  87. ... with two or more members of the same family?
  88. ... in a motel or hotel room?
  89. ... for more than one hour continuously?
  90. ... rear entry or sitting?
  91. ... upside down?
  92. ... in a car?
  93. ... with someone three or more years older than you?
  94. ... with a married person (adultery)?
  95. ... with a non-Techer (alums and flame-outs count as Techers)?
  96. ... with an animal (bestiality)?
  97. ... with S & M (sadism/masochism)?
  98. ... with B & D (bondage/domination)?
  99. ... in the presence of others?
  100. been in love?
All acts must have been performed since entering high school. If married, points with your spouse during marriage are invalid. Rule interpretations are the responsibility of the RLPL.