mtrek purity test

Tests to see how "pure" you are at playing mtrek. This test was originated (i think) by and has been lengthened by

Check all boxes for which your answer is "yes".
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  1. The original test, written by escher.

    1. Done a torp dump ?
    2. Been torp dumped ?
    3. Torp dumped someone with assistance ?
    4. Dodged plasma ?
    5. Shot plasma ?
    6. Used a bug ?
    7. Flown a "Rommie" ?
    8. Cloaked ?
    9. Cloaked in combat ?
    10. Had your cloaking burn out ?
    11. Fired phasers ?
    12. Locked phasers ?
    13. Fired phasers wide ?
    14. Played a ship with a misleading name ? (i.e. "mine field", "asteroid field", "Starbase", ect.)
    15. Annoyed people in the Geek Lab for playing Mtrek too loudly ?
    16. Switched the baud rate ?
    17. Forgot to switch the baud rate back ?
    18. Played Mtrek for 4 hours ?
    19. Played Mtrek for 8 hours ?
    20. in one day?
    21. Played Mtrek with an SO ?
    22. Played Mtrek later than 4 a.m. ?
    23. Used a class account to rlogin for Mtrek ?
    24. Used a friend's class account ?
    25. Logged on multiple times so as to fly more than one ship ?
    26. Mtreked while reading forums ?
    27. Mtreked while eating ?
    28. Mtreked while going to the bathroom ?
    29. Taken an Mtrek Purity Test ?
    30. Exaggerated tales of Mtrek combat for the purpose of impressing fellow Mtrekers ?
    31. Adminstered an Mtrek Purity Test ?
    32. Taught someone how to play Mtrek ?
    33. Mapped keys ?
    34. Played without keymaps (the so-called "suicide" strategy) ?
    35. Spent days without wondering what the sky was like ?
    36. Spent days fretting because Mtrek was still down ?
    37. Annoyed companions with "rousing" tales of Mtrek combat ?
    38. Considered real life, then rejected it ?
    39. Scored more than 30 K ?
    40. Scored within the Top Ten ?
    41. Played Mtrek by modem ?
    42. Played Mtrek by net ?
    43. Played Mtrek on an adm3a ?
    44. Played Mtrek on a Qume ?
    45. Self-destructed to kill your opponents ? (Pyrrhic victory)
    46. Let people kill you so they could get more points ?
    47. Let people kill you so you could lose Mtrek Purity Points ?
    48. Mourned the loss of a high-point ship ?
    49. Saved off to prevent immienent destruction ?
    50. Used the Mtrek Purity Test as a list of things to do ?

  2. Brand new questions, thanks to jedi
    1. Ever rammed someone to denotate them?
    2. Ever burned more than 10 cloaks in just one ship?
    3. Ever burned warp in a ConIIa to kill someone?
    4. Ever Broke saved?
    5. Ever given a "Freighter Tag"? ( 14 torps at 1000 range )
    6. Have you ever gotten a freighter to denotate?
    7. Ever killed a freighter with a BR-5?
    8. Ever killed anyone with a freighter?
    9. Have you been guilty of "point shipping"?
    10. Have you been called a "save artist"?
    11. Ever teamed?
    12. With more than 3 people?
    13. More than 4?
    14. More than 5?
    15. Ever given someone 100 phasers at 0 range?
    16. Ever helped to give 300 phasers at point blank?
    17. Ever been on the top of the board? (old or new scoreboard)
    18. Rememeber the days of no keymaps? (keyboard frenzy)
    19. Ever survived with more than 175 internal?
    20. Ever kill someone with a baby con?
    21. Did you survive to power the ship later?
    22. Ever let someone bleed to death instead of denotating them?
    23. Are you allied with any of the other players?
    24. Are you part of permanently part of a federation?
    25. Have you ever hounded a single ship for more than an hour?
    26. More than 2 hours?
    27. More than 3 hours?
    28. Have you ever broken a truce? (back stabbing)
    29. Have you ever tried to play the tridium as a real ship?
    30. Ever self-destructed under cloak?
    31. Ever played mtrek INSTEAD of having sex?
    32. Ever had more than three people scan you?
    33. More than 4?
    34. More than 5?
    35. More than 6?
    36. Ever peek at someone else's screen to get location info?
    37. Have you planet hopped? (Twarp to 1150, shoot all 54 torps, and then leave?)

  3. and even more fun questions... (thanks to:
    1. Ever played mtrek by yourself? (ie: no one else on the system)
    2. Ever played mtrek by yourself for more than one hour?

  4. and even more (gee, isn't this fun?)... (thanks to
    1. Have you ever played mtrek sober?
    2. Have you ever played mtrek stoned?
    3. Have you ever played mtrek on LSD?
    4. Have you ever played mtrek drunk?
    5. Have you ever taken 3 or more drugs at once and played mtrek?
    6. Do you play more often intoxicated than not?
    7. Have you ever flicked ashes all over your keyboard because you were smoking while playing mtrek when suddenly something happens?
    8. Have you ever gotten stoned while playing mtrek?
    9. Have you ever been attacked by klingondude?
    10. Do you know what ship type was Mr. Rogers?
    11. Ever been attacked by a tie_fighter?
    12. Ever play at 1200 baud?
    13. Ever play the 2-d, 6 slot version?
    14. Failed a course due to mtrek?
    15. Did you play the night when 5 phasers could wipe out all your energy?
    16. Ever torp dump with a d10 when you could pump someone up to 500+ damage?
    17. Ever lose a high score ship due to call waiting?

  5. and even more and more questions by
    1. Ever killed another player and then killed the same player's subsequent suicide?
    2. Second suicide?
    3. Third?
    4. Suicided on another player that recently blew you up?
    5. Suicided with another ship other than an excelsior? (freighter)
    6. Taken more than one suicide to kill another player?
    7. Killed yourself because you left intercept on? ( in the days when you could leave intercept on, though you were going max warp)
    8. Flown the Constitution II class? (not IIA)
    9. Flown a BR1000 with two torp tubes?
    10. Know what a "vogon poet" is?

  6. can you say even _more_ additions to the test?
    this set by
    1. Have you ever played a ship name like "Major Asshole" or similar name, and gone out to z=100000 or so, just to send obnoxious messages?
    2. Ever had a vengeance against one ship type or one player?
    3. Many players?
    4. Many ship types?!?
    5. Ever waited at a home planet just to kill unpowered ships?
    6. Ever teamed Con/D11?
    7. Ever teamed Con/Con?!?(Sick)
    8. Ever teamed 3 Br-1000 that dont move and are 2499 Units from each other? (Gross)
    9. Ever "vultured" or finished off a high-point ship that you'd normally have no chance against?
    10. Ever killed someone because they called you a name in a open message?
    11. Ever played someone else's ship name just to annoy them?
    12. Ever killed, tried to kill, or searched fervently for a ship using a name that you normally use?
    13. Ever attacked Chuck (Mtrek creator) or a rommie named clp?
    14. Ever lost to Chuck or clp?
    15. Ever killed Chuck or clp?
    16. Ever teamed against Chuck or clp?
    17. Did your whole team die?
    18. Ever been killed, by Chuck or clp using the Admiral's Password?
    19. Ever known the Admiral's Password?
    20. Ever killed someone using the Admiral's Password?

  7. more important questions coming from
    1. Ever offered peace?
    2. Ever broken peace?
    3. Ever offered to team up with someone when your real objective was to kill the person you "teamed up" with?
    4. Ever written a nasty message in forum to or about Alan Waterman?
    5. Ever had other people in forum argue about *your* prowess?
    6. Have you ever sent the message "Just out of curiosity, have you ever kissed a girl?" to make fun of unix geeks?
    7. Have you ever constructed an alter ego with a fake unixb account, become pen pals with a rival mtrekker, and then threaten to post personal messages in mtrek forum?
    8. Ever keymapped an obnoxious message and sent it out over and over (madonna lyrics,"Go Go Gadget Chainsaw", etc...)?

if you scored low on this test, you probably need to go out and get a life.