Welcome to the Mansonite purity test.
Check all boxes for which your answer is "yes".
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As far as I know this is the only Manson purity test but of course I could be dead wrong. Thanks for visiting, enjoy. Created by Tammy Almeyda, CyberTammy@aol.com. http://members.aol.com/cybertammy/index.html

General Manson Stuff (Manson and You)

  1. Have you ever heard a Manson song?
  2. ...all of them?
  3. Do you own at least one Manson CD?
  4. Do you own more than one Manson CD?
  5. Do you own all of the Manson albums?
  6. ...including singles and imports?
  7. Do you have any of the tapes from Manson and the Spooky Kids days?
  8. Do you own any original copies of them?
  9. Do you have at least copies of all of these tapes?
  10. Can you sing along to every Manson song (do you know the lyrics)?
  11. Do you frequently quote Manson tunes even to non-Mansonite friends?
  12. Are at least one of your Manson CDs played at least once a week?
  13. ...once a day?
  14. ...24/7?
  15. Do your Manson CD's bring back memories?
  16. ...are the memories so powerful you have ever cried?
  17. Do you own a copy of Long Hard Road Out of Hell?
  18. ...and have actually read all of it?
  19. Have you ever researched the bands (and members) listed in the credits to Manson albums?
  20. Are you a fan of any of these bands?
  21. ...more than one?
  22. ...all of them?
  23. Do you own the Manson documentary video of Dead to the World?
  24. Have you seen every Manson music video?
  25. Do you own copies of them?
  26. Do you tape Manson interviews from the TV?
  27. And watch them over and over and over again?
  28. Have you seen at least one film Manson has appeared in (like Lost Highway or Jawbreakers)?
  29. ...all of the films in which he has appeared?
  30. Are you a member of the official Marilyn Manson fan club?
  31. Have you been a Manson fan since when it was still a local South Florida band?
  32. Were you at the Slammies when they won?
  33. Are you friends any of the MM band members?
  34. ...all of them?
  35. Is your room basically a shrine to Manson (w/ posters, calendars, etc)?
  36. Have you ever dressed up like a Manson members for Halloween?
  37. Do you look like your dressed up like a Manson member everyday?
  38. Do you have white contacts like Mr. Manson?
  39. Are you indeed a present or past member of Marilyn Manson?
  40. Do you count your life in BM and AM (before Manson and after Manson)?
  41. Did your future aspirations ever include becoming a Mansonite?
  42. Do others now consider you a Mansonite?
  43. Do you think you are a Mansonite?
  44. Did you make up a nick name for yourself that includes a female pop culture icon 1st name and serial killer last name?
  45. Are you a member of the Church of Satan?
  46. Have you ever tried to convert someone you know into a Mansonite?
  47. And actually had it work?
  48. Have you ever tried to so hard to do a Manson conversion that you prepared informational Manson materials for your subjects?
  49. Does the majority of your wardrobe consist of Marilyn Manson apparel?
  50. Have you ever dreamed about Marilyn Manson?
  51. Have you ever harrassed a former Mansonite that has fallen to the other side (as in they now like Puff Daddy or some shit like that)?
  52. Is your pet's name a Manson reference?
  53. Can you play any Manson songs on your instrument of choice?
  54. Can you play all of the Manson songs on said instrument?
  55. Can you give all of the real names of the Manson band members?
  56. Have you ever caught anything thrown by Manson members during a show (cookies and the such)?
  57. Have you ever committed a malicious act and attributed it to Marilyn Manson?

    Manson and Relationships

  58. In relationships are "your songs" Manson tunes?
  59. ...even the break up themes?
  60. Are all of your friends Mansonites?
  61. Are you attracted to people on the sole basis that they are a Mansonite?
  62. Do you and your significant other have Manson inspired pet names for each other?
  63. Is it not cheating if you fuck a girl/guy with the same name as your girlfriend/boyfriend?
  64. Do you meet all of your boyfriends/girlfriends at Manson shows?
  65. Do you only date Mansonites?

    Sex and Manson

  66. Have you ever masturbated to a Manson CD?
  67. Do you exclusively masturbate to Manson tunes?
  68. Did the song Fuck Frankie turn you on?
  69. ...so much that other people became aware of your arousal?
  70. Did you get aroused apon seeing the picture of the naked Rev. inside of the Lunchbox single?
  71. Have you ever had cake and sodomy (at the same time, hmm, that seems a bit difficult)?
  72. Have you ever had sex with any member of Marilyn Manson?
  73. ...would you?
  74. Have you ever dreamed about having sex with a Marilyn Manson member?
  75. Did you lose your virginity while listening to Marilyn Manson?

    Manson Shows

  76. Do you go to every Manson show in your city?
  77. ...in your state?
  78. ...in your region or until you are totally broke from following Manson around?
  79. Did you lose your virginity at a Manson show?
  80. Have you been spit on by at least one band member?
  81. ...more than one?
  82. ...all of them?
  83. ...and licked it up? (ewww)

    Manson on the Web

  84. Have you read all of the reviews done by Angelynx?
  85. Did you like them so much you showed all your friends, even those that don't like Manson?
  86. Have you ever visited Grim Jack's website?
  87. And became extremely depressed upon finding it had been taken down?
  88. Do you know the location of a mirror site (thank you Matt)?
  89. Do you have a Manson page of your own?
  90. Is your computer desktop all spruced up with Manson pics?
  91. Does your computer sound scheme consist of Manson clips?
  92. Have you ever contructed a Manson computer theme?

    Ok, This Here is a Bit Much...

  93. Have you ever tried to commit suicide while listening to Marilyn Manson?
  94. Do you have a pet chicken?
  95. Are you positive that you will marry Marilyn Manson one day?
  96. Are you positive that you *are* Marilyn Manson?
  97. Have you ever tried to get your parents to like Marilyn Manson?
  98. ...and had it work?
  99. Have you ever named a child after a Marilyn Manson reference?
  100. Have you ever constructed a Manson purity test?