Are you a through and true HEADBANGER?
Check all boxes for which your answer is "yes", and see what you're made of.

  1. Ever listened to Heavy Metal music (i.e. Metallica, Rob Zombie, Pantera, Megadeth, etc)?
  2. enjoyed it?
  3. sang along? (if you could understand the words)
  4. Has a Heavy Metal song ever moved you?
  5. Ever listened to Hard Rock (i.e. Def Leppard, Kiss, The Who)?
  6. Ever listened to Death Metal (i.e. Mortician, Cannibal Corpse, Carcass)?
  7. Ever listened to Black Metal? (i.e. Cradle of Filth)?
  8. Ever listened to Christian Metal? (i.e. Mortification, Metanoia, Living Sacrifice, Extol)
  9. Ever listened to Hardcore (i.e. Slipknot)?
  11. for more than a minute?
  12. for more than 10 minutes?
  13. for more than half an hour?
  14. for an hour?
  15. two?
  16. three?
  17. more?
  18. Ever seen a mosh pit?
  19. Ever pushed someone into/back into a mosh pit?
  20. Been pushed in?
  21. Willingly?
  22. Ever moshed?
  23. For the duration of an entire guitar riff?
  24. For the duration of an entire song?
  25. For the duration of an entire set?
  26. For the duration of more than one band's sets?
  27. Every other song?
  28. For the duration of every song, in it's entirety, by every band for a day?
  29. For a three day festival?
  30. Have you ever been scolded by anyone in a medical profession about your headbanging?
  31. Have you ever been scolded by anyone in a medical profession about your moshing?
  32. Have you ever gotten hurt headbanging?
  33. seriously injured?
  34. hospitalized?
  35. put on drugs (involutarily)?
  36. Have you ever gotten hurt moshing?
  37. seriously injured?
  38. hospitalized?
  39. been in so much pain after a concert that you had to take some kind of drugs in order to function properly?
  40. enjoyed that anyway? (the pain, stupid, of course you enjoyed the drugs)
  41. Ever looked so much cooler singing or lip-syncing than the guy who's actually singing that other people started watching you instead of the stage?
  42. Is metal the meaning of life?
  43. Ever been to a concert?
  44. Ever laughed at the sucky band that opens up?
  45. Ever moshed for their last song out of pity for them?
  46. Ever uttered the phrase, "Contribute to the Violence"?
  47. Ever sang along?
  48. Ever screamed along?
  49. Ever growled along?
  50. Ever thrown something onstage?
  51. Didn't know why or what it was?
  52. Ever thrown a lighter to someone on stage?
  53. Ever thrown a cigarette to someone on stage?
  54. Ever thrown a joint to anyone on stage?
  55. Ever been so fucked up that your memory of the whole night is like a blurry Viking battle?
  56. Ever made out in the pit?
  57. Ever got laid in the pit?
  58. Ever fondled/molested someone in the pit?
  59. Ever stagedived?
  60. Ever crowdsurfed?
  61. Ever fondled/molested someone stagediving or crowdsurfing?
  62. While you were the one crowdsurfing?
  63. Been fondled/molested while stagediving or crowdsurfing?
  64. Enjoyed it?
  65. Taken an article of clothing off of someone in the pit?
  66. Taken an article of clothing off of someone while they were stagediving or crowdsurfing?
  67. Ever gotten in a fight at a concert?
  68. Punched someone that deserved it in the pit?
  69. Been punched in the pit?
  70. Been kicked in the pit?
  71. Seen some guy spazzing out with a bunch of flip kicks and martial arts stuff in the pit?
  72. Kicked his ass?
  73. Bought a drink for anyone in a band (including yourself)?
  74. Been bought a drink by anyone in a band (not including yourself)?
  75. Been given a free CD by the band just because?
  76. Been given a free CD after you leave a show by a local band trying to get known?
  77. Listened to it?
  78. If it was any good, did you go see that band in concert?
  79. Did they get big?
  80. Ever bought a Heavy Metal CD?
  81. Ever bought a video produced by a band?
  82. Ever bought a video of a whole concert?
  83. Headbanged while watching it?
  84. Ever headbanged for no reason?
  85. to the wrong kind of music?
  86. without music at all?
  87. in front of old people?
  88. In front of a medical professional?
  89. In front of a clergyman?
  90. Do you or have you ever played hockey, lacrosse, rugby, or some other ultraviolent sport while listening to heavy metal (in your head or otherwise)?
  91. Thrown dangerous objects at people at a concert in a drunken stupor?
  92. Gotten arrested for a bit of minor violence at a show?
  93. Thrown fecal matter (at a show)?
  94. Puked (at a show)?
  95. Spray painted or otherwise tagged the name of any band on something?
  96. Gotten a tattoo?
  97. At a convention or festival?
  98. Gotten a piercing?
  99. At a convention or festival?
  100. When there is no more room in hell, will the dead walk the earth?