Baker House Purity Test for Females

Rules: Answer each question. Score one point for each "no" answer.
Score should be interpretated as percentage purity.

Check all boxes for which your answer is "yes".
The "submit" button is at the bottom.

Have You:
  1. Had a clitoral erection?
  2. Kissed a man?
  3. --In the last three months?
  4. --On the first date?
  5. --While you were both lying down?
  6. Had a date past 4 A.M.?
  7. Had a date Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the same weekend?
  8. French kissed a man?
  9. Ear frenched a man or been ear frenched by a man?
  10. Danced cheek to cheek?
  11. Rubbed a man's crotch while dancing?
  12. Necked continuously for more than one hour?
  13. Lied to break a date?
  14. Have you ever gone steady?
  15. Petted below the shoulders?
  16. Gone swimming with a man in the nude?
  17. Bathed or showered with a man?
  18. Had a man fondle your bare breast?
  19. Had a man remove your bra?
  20. Worn falsies?
  21. Had your nipple sucked by a man subsequent to his weaning?
  22. --Within the last three months?
  23. Had a man's hand under your skirt?
  24. Had your vagina fondled by a man?
  25. --On the first date?
  26. --In the last three months?
  27. Slept with a man since you were 13?(Just sleeping required for a "yes")
  28. Dry-humped?
  29. Seen a completely nude man in the flesh?
  30. Been seen completely nude by a man?
  31. Been completely undressed by a man?
  32. Told a man that you loved him when you didn't?
  33. Had multiple dates in one night with multiple men?
  34. Gone steady with multiple man in on time?
  35. Read porno literature?
  36. Seen a porno movie?
  37. Seen a burlesque show?
  38. Masturbated?
  39. --In the last three months?
  40. --With foreign objects?
  41. --While menstruating?
  42. --With a man?
  43. Discussed masturbation with a man?
  44. Reached climax?
  45. Barfed due to consumption of alcohol?
  46. Passed out becuase of alcohol?
  47. Been propositioned by, or propositioned, a woman?
  48. Had a homosexual experience with a woman?
  49. --With a relative?
  50. Had your bare genitals fondled by a woman not your doctor?
  51. Been the subject of statutory rape?
  52. Been engaged?
  53. Commited zoocrastia? (sex with an animal)
  54. Unbuckled a man's belt or unzipped his fly?
  55. Undressed a man?
  56. Fondled a man's bare genitals?
  57. Sucked a penis?
  58. Participated in cunnilingus with a man?
  59. Had a venereal disease?
  60. Sat on a man's face?
  61. Have you ever tied up a man, or been tied up, prior to having sex?
  62. Ever been handcuffed or chained for sexual purposes?
  63. Ever been whipped by or used a whip on a man?
  64. Exposed yourself to a stranger?
  65. Masturbated a man?
  66. Swallowed?
  67. Ever seen a man's penis and laughed?
  68. Ever bitten a man's penis in order to cause pain?
  69. ?
  70. Used a vibrator?
  71. Worn a chastity belt?
  72. Had sexual intercourse?
  73. --In the last three months?
  74. --With a virgin?
  75. --During menstruation?
  76. --Without birth control?
  77. --In a car?
  78. --In a moving car?
  79. --In a bathroom stall?
  80. --In a shower or bath?
  81. --In an elevator?
  82. --Doggie style?
  83. --Greek Fashion (anal)?
  84. --Sitting up?
  85. --'Sit-and-spin?'
  86. --On the first date?
  87. --With a man of a different race?
  88. --With more than one man? (Not at the same time)
  89. --With more than one man in the same night?
  90. --More than three times in the same night?
  91. --More than ten times with one man?
  92. Taken money for sexual intercourse?
  93. Been watched during intercourse?
  94. Become pregnant?
  95. Had an abortion?
  96. Participated in a gang-bang?
  97. Given or recieved a hickey?
  98. Committed adultry?
  99. Commited incest?
  100. Reached orgasm while riding something?

Good going!