Electrical Engineering Purity Test, Version 1.1

(c)1994 Nabeel Ibrahim, You may distribute this freely, but please leave the headers intact.

This test consists of 50 yes/no questions to test your Electrical Engineering Purity. You score 1 point for each "Yes" and 0 points for each "No," except where noted.

Total Score =  >   your score for question k
(that's a summation symbol)
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0 Have you ever discharged a capacitor?
1 Done 0 twice in one day?
10 Done 0 with your tongue?
11 Have you ever doped silicon?
100 Done 11 with someone else?

101 Done 11 with two or more people?
110 Done 11 with someone without knowing their name?
111 Have you ever tweaked a resistor? (oh, that's so sexy...)
1000 Have you ever blown up an electrolytic capacitor?
1001 Done 1000 while an animal watched?

1010 Have you ever fondled a 10K resistor?
1011 Have you ever derived an equation?
1100 Done 1011 with a member of the opposite sex?
1101 Have you ever worn a pocket protector?
1110 Have you ever checked your email more than 10 times in one day?

1111 Done 1110 for one week straight?
10000 Have you ever made a joke about transistors?
10001 Have you ever laughed at a joke about transistors? (this one is worth 3 points)
10010 Have you ever wondered how the circuitry would work in that liquid metal guy in T2?
10011 Have you ever used Ohm's Law to excess?

10100 Done 10011 while someone of the opposite sex watched?
10101 Done 10011 with a large ungulate (hooved animal)?
10110 (Guys only) Have you ever counted the number of females in one of your EE classes so you could gain sympathy from friends in Liberal Arts?
10111 Do you speak in assembly?
11000 Has your skin color changed as a result of spending too much time in front of a terminal? (That green tone really works for me...)

11001 Have you ever had a serious discussion with someone about whether CISC is better than RISC?
11010 Have you ever used :-) to excess?
11011 Have you ever had to explain :-) to a friend?
11100 Have Fourier, LaPlace, or Maxwell ever visited you in a dream? (This one is worth 20 points. You *should* not, under any circumstances, fantasize about EE!)
11101 Have you ever read "The Sex Life of an Electron"?

11110 Can you rapidly count to 100d in binary?
11111 Do you have more than 5 computer accounts?
100000 Do you have more than 10 computer accounts? (Geek!)
100001 Have you ever laughed at a Liberal Arts major because they couldn't find a job? (You should...it's really fun)
100010 Are you addicted to reverse polish(HP) notation?

100011 Have you ever slept with your significant other on the floor of a computer lab?
100100 Have you ever been in a relationship with someone you met through email or a newsgroup?
100101 Have you ever been turned on by a transistor?
100110 Have you ever turned on a transistor?
100111 Have you ever measured ground bounce?

101000 Done 100111 with an inanimate object?
101001 Done 100111 with a cadaver?
101010 Have you ever faked a bias point? (Have you no shame?!?!?)
101011 Have you ever had an intimate encounter with a voltage supply?
101100 Have you ever watched while someone else had an intimate encounter with a voltage supply?

101101 Have you ever probed a circuit?
101110 Done 101101 with other people watching?
101111 Done 101101 more than five times in one day?
110000 Done 101101 without protection? (You should really wear a ground strap!)
110001 Did you laugh while taking this quiz? (This one should be worth 30, but it's only worth 2)

Scoring Scale:

00-14 points ==>  Go back to your English class.
15-24 points ==>  Either you have a life or you are an underclassperson.
25-34 points ==>  You can feel your life slipping through your 
                  fingers as you get sucked into the world of Electrical 
                  Engineering.  It could be worse...you could be in CS.
35-44 points ==>  You should definitely go to grad school in EE.
45-72 points ==>  You are a lost cause.  You're the EE equivalent of 
                  Carl Sagan.  Please do not contact me...ever.

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