Can you please add this test. Put this test on your site... Thanks 150 point purity test for couples

Coupels 150 point Purity Test - by Poz

To be taken with your Partner, Or with your Partner in mind Questions apply to both of you. Questions or comments =
  1. Kissed
  2. Frenched kissed
  3. Kissed for longer than 10 minuets
  4. Kissed horizontally
  5. Kissed in public
  6. Kissed in front of parents
  7. Kissed below the neck
  8. Kissed below the waist
  9. Slept together(no sex)
  10. Shacked up together for longer than a month
  11. Been naked with each other
  12. Undressed each other
  13. Slept naked together
  14. Been kicked out of the bed
  15. Been woken up by snoring/farting
  16. Made a move while partner was sleeping
  17. Given a hickey
  18. Been made fun of because of it
  19. Givin a hickey in an intimate location
  20. Caresed under the shirt
  21. Caresed below and under the belt
  22. Masterbaited to the thought of partner
  23. Masterbaited to climax infront of partner
  24. Been masturbated to climax
  25. Sucked partners testicles
  26. Sucked partners nipples
  27. Performed felatio/cunnilingus(just one doesn't count)
  28. -In shower
  29. -Outside
  30. -With someone else in the room
  31. -With someone else watching
  32. -In a car
  33. -Been woken up in the morning by
  34. -For longer than 30 min
  35. -With an Ice cube
  36. -Flatulated during
  37. Tryed 69
  38. Had vaginal sex
  39. Had anal sex
  40. Had sex under the influence of Liqueur
  41. Had sex under the influence of narcotics
  42. Had sex more than 10 times
  43. -more than 100 times
  44. Had protected sex
  45. Had unprotected sex
  46. Had a condom break during sex
  47. Kept count of the number of times you've had sex
  48. Competed with friends on the number of times you've had sex
  49. Talked dirty during sex
  50. Had sex in the dark
  51. Had sex with the lights on
  52. Had sex by candle-light
  53. Had sex in more than 5 positions
  54. Changed positions without withdrawing
  55. Achived multiple orgasms
  56. -more than 5 orgasms
  57. Had sex more than 5 times in one day
  58. -more than 10
  59. Had sex in a public place
  60. -In shower
  61. -Outside
  62. -With someone else in the room
  63. -With someone else watching
  64. -In a body of water
  65. -In a car
  66. -In a bathroom
  67. -For longer than 30 min
  68. -Longer than 1 hour
  69. -Flatulated during
  70. -In an elevator
  71. -With a third party or orgy
  72. -On parents bed
  73. -While people listened
  74. -Made it a good show(extra screaming)
  75. -Passed out during or after
  76. -In a tree
  77. -While partner was sleeping
  78. -On a table
  79. -Standing
  80. -With music in the background
  81. -Made a mess
  82. -Fully clothed
  83. -And remained inside after climaxing
  84. -On Three or more rooftops on Campus
  85. -In a classroom
  86. -Taken pictures during
  87. -In front of a mirror
  88. -In a hotel
  89. -In front of parents
  90. -Talked casually during
  91. -Just to satisfy your partner
  92. -Would call it love, not sex
  93. -Using a devise of some sort
  94. -On the floor
  95. -In a confined space
  96. -On someone else's bed
  97. -In the woods
  98. -Blindfolded
  99. Been Walked-in on more than 10 times
  100. Used hand cuffs
  101. Breast Fucked
  102. Recived a pearl necklace
  103. Had an unexpected orgasm
  104. Had a quickie
  105. Had a fuckfest
  106. Been unable to perform
  107. Kissed after Oralsex
  108. Performed a striptease
  109. Licked whipped-cream off of partners body
  110. Drawn blood from scratching
  111. Givin a massage
  112. Givin a foot-massage
  113. Sucked partners toes
  114. Stuck your tong in your partners ear
  115. Licked an eyeball
  116. Danced slow together
  117. Grind at a club
  118. Had a sexual event happen on first date
  119. Messed around in a movie theater(2x if orgasm occurred)
  120. Got each other sick
  121. Gave a VD to your partner
  122. Gotten an HIV test together
  123. Are using a contraceptive(the Pill, Depo-Provera...)
  124. Visited for the sole purpose of sex
  125. Had cyber-sex
  126. Told sexual events to a third party
  127. Told parents you were having sex
  128. Been caught having sex by parents
  129. Parents dislike one of you
  130. Bought sexy underwear
  131. Used a vibrator on your Partner
  132. Had a co-ed naked wrestling fight
  133. Had a break up
  134. More than 5 times
  135. Had sex after getting back together
  136. Used oil for body lubrication
  137. Performed a torturous tickling session
  138. Used hair as a tickling device
  139. Been pregnant
  140. Had an abortion
  141. Drank water from a depression on partners body
  142. Left bite marks
  143. Sucked partners nose
  144. Used the Karmasutra
  145. Used pointers from friends
  146. Sucked partners finger
  147. Orgasmed on partner
  148. Fondeled partners butt
  149. Were sore the next morning
  150. In love with each other