Remember - the only test I wrote, or for that matter had anything to do with the contents of, is the pyrotechnics purity test. I have not and will not modify the other tests; that is for their authors to do. So, don't bother sending comments regarding their content, except as it relates to the general appropriateness of making them available in this format. If you do wish to comment on the "appropriateness" aspect, you must make it clear that you understand the distinction between the author and presenter of the tests, or your comments will be discarded. So there.

For everyone else out there, your comments are welcome, and sorry about the rant. It's merely a (probably futile) attempt at reducing the amount of clueless mail I get. I'm tempted to put choice bits of it up for the sinister amusement of corrupt souls everywhere :)

For your commenting pleasure, you can reach me at spcecdt at