The Colorguard Purity Test

Check all boxes for which your answer is "yes".
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  1. Have you ever made up part/most of a language for the guard
  2. -tried to teach the band so they wouldnt ask what was being said
  3. -was successful
  4. do you find yourself no longer attracted to people out of band/guard
  5. do you sit with only band people at lunch
  6. -and scare the other people that sit there b/c of the topics
  7. do you wonder about the sections without group nicknames
  8. do you believe in seniority
  9. -have you used it to get your uniform/locker/food, ect.
  10. does your band director hate you
  11. have you ever plotted the death of an old colorguard instructor that just wont go away
  12. -admitted it to others
  13. -and to them
  14. have you ever used a point system on hitting band members and instructors
  15. do you continously dance to the cadences
  16. have you heard horror stories on the bus
  17. -was it the percussion bus?
  18. in the stands, do you scream out the words to the songs (I like mine with lettuce and tomato...)
  19. ever missed a major thing for practice/competition
  20. -been fired b/c you wouldnt skip practice
  21. are most of your friends in guard
  22. ever brought friends into the guard
  23. -siblings?
  24. do you refer to the guard/band instructor with a funny nickname (Pinky, Ug,that dude...)
  25. does it scare your parents when you call them that in front of them
  26. do you say 'dude' more then percussion
  27. have you ever tried to teach someone how to twirl a flute/clarinet/ect.
  28. do you own the cd to more then one song they play in the stands
  29. do you have a pledge
  30. -is it dirty
  31. -was it before you corrupted it
  32. do you pick on band people b/c they cant do cool things like we can
  33. -do you get into trouble for it
  34. -admit to it as well
  35. -thrive on it
  36. have you watched a show and interpreted everything pervertedly
  37. have you jazz ran
  38. -to class
  39. do you roll your feet while walking
  40. do you stay in step with everyone around you
  41. -and yell at the people who dont
  42. does your band director know more about your love life then that other person does
  43. you get advice from him/her
  44. -and heed it
  45. do you twirl air flags
  46. do you spin things that arent flags (brooms, branches)
  47. -spin things that shouldnt be spun (notebooks, breadsticks, necklaces)
  48. have you ever been severly injured by your flag (broken noses, ankles without skin, concussions...)
  49. ever damaged someone else with your flag
  50. do you get protective over your flag
  51. -try to do damage to the people who touch your flag (sinners)
  52. when people back away b/c your twirling too close, do you tell them it doesnt hurt... after a while...
  53. have you ever broken an instrument b/c they just got too close when you were doing your routine
  54. have you ever applied something other then toothpaste to your teeth to help you smile
  55. -for more then just competition
  56. ever been paid by a fellow band member to 'accidently' hit someone during a show
  57. do you like bus rides
  58. -esp on the way home when its dark and everyone is all loud and stuff
  59. Have you ever had to explain what a part of your uniform does/how to put it on to a non-guard person?
  60. when you see something on last year's show, do you have everything go through your head
  61. have you ever fallen in love with someone who you know you cant have, but totally stalk anyway
  62. does really good, together drill excite you
  63. -but does it *excite* you
  64. do you have to say 'its a guard thing' more then once a week
  65. Did you learn everything you need to know about life (and more) from the colorguard?
  66. do you scare band member/instructors on a daily basis
  67. -on purpose
  68. -and they know it
  69. finally, do you wonder how you lived before guard

Good going!