The Amiga Purity Test

Parts of this test are stolen from Calum Tsang's Signs you're an Amiga user. The rest is from personal experience.

Check all boxes for which your answer is "yes".
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  1. You own one or more Amigas
  2. 5 or more?
  3. 10 or more!?
  4. At least one of them is an A500/600.
  5. Which you bought for parts.
  6. But ended up using.
  7. You know all the models of the Amiga, including the ones never released. Yes, that includes the CDTV II.
  8. You thought the Walker prototype case was cool.
  9. You beleive(d) the spec and release dates for any mooted Amiga clone (BoXeR, A/box, etc.)
  10. Advocacy.

  11. You write letters to the editors of publications that comment on the Amiga negatively, or ones that don't write for the Amiga.
  12. You tried to explain that custom chips offload CPU usage.
  13. You always say "but raw CPU speed isn't important" at the start of every conversation.
  14. You mumbled "Windows95 is like the Amiga in 85" but you forgot about constant disk swapping, and the lack of RAM.
  15. You've compared an 030 to a Pentium before.
  16. You compare the Amiga to SGIs. And the Amiga wins in your comparison.
  17. You're miffed you can't argue with Atari ST users anymore.
  18. You keep saying the VideoToaster is cool, but you've never used one.
  19. You tried to set someone up with an Amiga too.
  20. You'll argue the AmigaOS is faster than Windows, even comparing it on 060's versus, Pentium II's, at the same price point.
  21. When defeated on an Amiga argument, you complain you're being personally attacked.
  22. At the time of the QNX announcement you forced your friends to use the QNX demo disk.
  23. Using your Amiga.

  24. You run OS3.5.
  25. You ran a BBS. And you did it with a one floppy A500.
  26. You think running an Amiga is possible on 4MB RAM.
  27. You know Workbench 2.1+ is missing narrator.library. You copied it over anyway.
  28. You play MOD files and you sample them too.
  29. The LIBS: directory is full of libraries you never use.
  30. You install pointless software, because it's fun. Then, you wonder which program is crashing your machine sporadically.
  31. You like MUI.
  32. You run MagicWB and wonder where all your CHIP RAM is.
  33. For you, a local area network means Parnet.
  34. You use your Amiga for Web browsing, and tell everyone they should use the same browser as you.
  35. Hardware and Hacks.

  36. You towered your A1200.
  37. In a DIY tower.
  38. You considered the A500 040/25 board.
  39. In an A1000.
  40. You built your own DB23 to DB15HD converter.
  41. You forgot the 74Lxx class inverter and fried your Denise chip.
  42. You built a slingshot hack.
  43. Your case is never on.
  44. Because the expansions wouldn't fit.
  45. Because you'd only need to take it off again.
  46. To prevent overheating.
  47. You've replaced at least one chip.
  48. Sandwiching expansion devices between chips is an acceptable expansion.
  49. You tried the 2MB chip hack.
  50. You had to expand your desk to fit the expansion modules.
  51. Instead of buying a A2320 board, you use one of those tinted screen filters.
  52. You've built at least one of the following: -dualspeed HD floppy drive -mouse adapter -home made SCSI adapter -LUCAS/FRANCES board -parnet cable -PAL/NTSC toggle switch -sync strainer for Toaster
  53. Instead of normal desktop speakers, you have a receiver hooked up to your Amiga. And it's an old one.
  54. You own a graphics card.
  55. You own a soundcard.
  56. You own some form of video editing device (genlock, toaster, flyer, etc.)
  57. You have multiple external floppies connected to your machine, even though you don't need them.
  58. You have a box of spare parts (custom chips, roms, keyboard bits cables, etc) "just incase".
  59. You know what all the custom chips do.
  60. You've used a TV set for display.
  61. When Word processing.
  62. With an interlaced Screen.
  63. Misc.

  64. You have (or more!) one of the following: -Amiga shirt -Gold Disk t-shirt -AmiEXPO t-shirt -NewTek shirt -a cinnamon cat lollipop -prototype Amiga hardware -a copy of The Deathbed Vigil -blue button that says "Only Amiga Makes It Possible" -Amiga promotional literature hanging on your wall.
  65. You walked the Deathbed Vigil.
  66. You sell used Amiga stuff, over the Internet. Or you're a one man Amiga store.
  67. You can recognize at least two of the following terms: -DMA -softkick -upclock -deinterlace -sync rate -copper -random number generator -bob
  68. You know what's at 3470 Pharmacy Avenue, or 1200 Wilson Drive.
  69. You plan to visit Los Gatos, West Chester and Branschweig in the near future.
  70. You have a giant collection of DSDD floppies near your desk.
  71. When you see them for sale, you scream "bargain!"
  72. You run an Amiga Website.
  73. And actually update it on a regular basis.
  74. You revere the current owner / CEO of Amiga as a god
  75. When Amiga switched operating systems from AmigaOS to QNX to Linux to Tao, you were a bit pissed, but still claimed it was for the best.
  76. You believe(d) that there will be an OS4.0
  77. You consider various Amiga Celebrities to be more important than heads of state, etc.
  78. You bought The Annex record, Ami cola, or any other Amiga promotional items.
  79. You bought the SDK.
  80. Even though you don't have a clue about developing software.
  81. You have autographed photo(s) of Amiga celebrities.
  82. You lied to get a higher score.

Good going!