[Unitedwespeakofficers] next officer meeting

Sipp, Bob Bob.Sipp at bankofamerica.com
Mon Nov 17 16:52:27 PST 2003

Fellow officers:

United We Speak will be having it's monthly officers meeting this week.

Due to a conflict with a meeting for the Children's Holiday Party, which will be Wednesday, 11/19 from 2-3 (our usual meeting time of the third Wednesday), I would like to move our meeting to 2-3 on Thursday.  Also, I will be in Concord and probably unavailable on Wednesday, so Randy Freeman has agreed to step in for me on that meeting.

IF THE THURSDAY TIME DOES NOT WORK FOR YOU, please let me know ASAP and also let me know some times that would work for you.

I am also suggesting that we only meet on the bridge line (please let me know Randy, if we need to find a different bridge line).

	Bridge Line: 877-625-0243 
 	Passcode: 2413417

Here is the proposed agenda:

 	Time	Speaker		Topic 
 	====	=======		=====
       3	Bob Sipp          Welcome
	 5	Peter Rorden	VP Education report
      10	All			Children's Holiday Party
	10	All			New Officers
	10	All			Recognition for this year
	 5	All			New Club Business
Looking forward to seeing you there!


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