[Unitedwespeak] Back to our regular meeting schedule

Freeman, Randy Randy.Freeman at bankofamerica.com
Thu Aug 4 12:13:04 PDT 2005

Hi Everyone, 
Last week we did not have a meeting. In months that have 5 Fridays, we
don't normally meet on the 5th Friday of the month, which happens a
couple times during the year.  But this week is the 1st Friday of the
month, and we are back on our regular schedule.  
United We Speak will be meeting at our First Friday time and place.
Date:   Friday  August 5th 
Time:  12 noon to 1pm
Place: 1455 Market St, Lobby Conference Room
There is room on the agenda for a speaker .  Other roles are also open.
Let me know which role you would like to take. 
I plan call the meeting to order at 12:05pm in order to give people with
strict one-hour for lunch enough time to arrive.  And I will close the
meeting at 12:55pm to allow time to return to your job within the
one-hour time frame.  
Please come.  Bring a friend.  Bring your lunch.   And come have a fun
lunch hour with us! 
See you tomorrow!
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