[Unitedwespeak] Meeting this Friday, 7/2 at noon, 13th floor 315 Montgomery

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Fri Jul 2 10:17:35 PDT 2004

Dear team:
We are now down to 2-1/2 attendees for our meeting today (I would only be able to make 1/2 of the meeting due to my back-ups doctor's appointment.  I think we should cancel.  I've spoken with "Doug" our new ice-breaker person and he is disappointed, but has agreed to do a practice speech with me this afternoon.
Is this OK with everyone?
SQ :o)

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To all:

This Friday, we will be having our regular first
Friday meeting at 315 Montgomery.  The meeting will be
on the 13th floor at noon.  Please note that we have
moved the location to the 13th floor because that is
where Susie is.

We have a new member, Douglas Marshall, who will be
giving his ice breaker.  I know this is the Friday
before a long weekend, but please come and support
Douglas if you are available.

Bob Sipp

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