[Unitedwespeak] An outside speaking opportunity AND our 1st meeting of the NEW YEAR - Friday 1/9 at noon 1455 Market

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Tue Jan 6 08:38:59 PST 2004

My fellow Toastmasters,
If any of you would be interested in speaking to this organization on January 24, 2004, please get in touch with Vicki Miller (see below).
Let this also be a reminder that our first meeting of 2004 will be this Friday, January 9th at noon.  Pamela Lee will be our speaker, giving her 8th speech towards ATM-Bronze.  Randy Freeman will be evaluating.  If anyone else would like to volunteer for a role, now would be the time.  Please let me know.  I'd like to start the new year off well, and Pam's speech is a good start :)
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Dear Bob Sipp,
I am contacting you regarding Toastmasters. 
I belong to a woman's philanthropic organization (Epsilon Sigma Alpha International www.esaintl.com). I am the Bay Peninsula Regional Council Educational Director. At our January 24, 2004, meeting we would like to have a speaker for our educational. We can not pay for a speaker and it was suggested that I contact someone with Toastmasters. (I found your email address from the Toastmasters website.) I was told that often times your newer members are seeking opportunities to enhance their public speaking abilities. I am not familiar with how Toastmasters works nor I am familiar with the San Francisco area. Our meeting is to be held at the Irish Cultural Center (I do not have the exact address available, but it is near the San Francisco Zoological Gardens). Our thoughts on a topic are along the lines of getting involved, taking the challenge of leadership. 
If there is someone else I should contact please let me know. Any information you would provide is very much appreciated.
Vicki M. Miller
Bay Peninsula Regional Council Educational Director
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