[Unitedwespeak] FW: ACTION REQUIRED: CTM/ATM opportunities

Sipp, Bob Bob.Sipp at bankofamerica.com
Thu Aug 28 11:30:31 PDT 2003

To all members of United We Speak,

For anyone who has earned a  CTM or ATM (and is a bank employee), it looks like we will have the opportunity to participate in the Welcome Day for new employees.  If you meet these criteria and would be interested in participating, please let me know.  I will make sure a list goest to Jack Shimasaki, or you can let him know directly.


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> Hi Everyone,
> For those of you who watched the last Knowledge Channel Broadcast know I've been working with Allison Frantz and 'Welcome Day Redesign' greenbelt project.  Part of the project recommendations will be to use our own talent as facilitators for the redesigned Welcome Day sessions with a potential start date in January 2004.  There are no details as to logistics, number of sessions, commitments of time or training dates determined yet.  The purpose of this email is to create a list of CTM's and ATM's in our Speaking Networks that are INTERESTED in pursuing this opportunity without knowing what it involves.  Of course as more information is forthcoming that will determine the number of individuals that will be interested and available for this opportunity.
> Speaking Network Presidents, please do one of the following:
> 	1) Reply to this email with the names of the CTM's and/or ATM's in your club (that have voiced interest in this speaking opportunity) with their email addresses, or
> 	2) Forward this email to the CTM's and ATM's in your club asking them to respond to this email accordingly.
> Please RSVP by September 30, 2003.
> Our thanks to everyone who are members of our speaking clubs and for your hard work and leadership!
> National Staff

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