[SlideCube] Free Slide Cube Projector collection

Liz Neely liz at armory.com
Thu Feb 10 19:51:19 PST 2011

Hi Everyone, 

I'm helping a close friend who's going through a difficult time clear out his 
collection of Belle & Howell slide cube projectors. He's a member of 
this email list and asked me to use this list to find someone interested in
these. I have the projectors in my possession and have taken photos of them. 


I don't know anything about slide cube projectors but if you ask me to look at 
something in particular on them to get you more info, I'd be happy to.

My friend said he doesn't know if they work, but I think he said he thinks 
there's about a 60% chance of each of them working so out of all of them, some 
probably work; no guarantees though.

(1 and 2 are in the first photo together)
1: unknown model
2: model 987, handwritten note "very slow"
3: unknown model
4: 857BH, cover is missing
5: model 987
6: unknown model
7: unknown model
8: Slide Cube 2000, still packaged in what appears to be original packaging. I 
didn't take it out because it fits so nicely in the styrofoam and plastic wrap 
that I was afraid I'd never get it back in right.

I'll give priority to anyone who wants to take them all and can meet me 
somewhere near Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Scotts Valley, or Santa Cruz. 

If after a while no one local wants them, I'll ship them, but you will be asked 
to paypal postage to me prior to shipping. I can provide references for you to 
see I'm not out to run off with your postage money w/o shipping the stuff to 

I can be contacted by email at liz at armory.com. 


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