[SlideCube] Repair of Sears/Bell & Howell Slide Projectors

Hans Schwethelm harry55551 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 24 19:08:46 PST 2006

The question comes up about Information how to repair a Projector. There is on ebay, under Projectors a Gent that sells the Gear part that usually breaks.He will include a description on how to do it. He is the most reasonable ( moneywise) I have about 10 projectors that I picked up for peanuts and repaired.Besides the gear there is a problem with the BLADE that fails to close when changing slides allowing the full beam of light to be projected onto the screen.The problem is solved by cutting 3 coils off the spring that pulls the blades shut.I took one projector apart and experimented.Compared to Kodak, this is a simple design. One more thing. When taking out the 4 screws  that show after lifting the lid, be gentle and don`t force anything. Tere is a small Hexagon head nut screwed into one of the 4 side plates.Most likely it is under the sideplate that is held on with double sided tape. If you need any info, perhaps I can help 

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