[SlideCube] Bell & Howell CP 40 slide cube 35 mm projector

Henry Bibb hqbibb at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 18 19:13:43 PST 2003


I think mine's an AF-60, and I don't know if I have the manual
anymore or not.  But, fire away with questions and I'll see if
I can help you out.  

One peculiarity of the Slide Cube projectors, as compared to a
Carousel or something, is that the Slide Cube can only back up
one slide, where the others can go backward indefinitely. 

It might be an issue if I used the thing for presentations, but
for my uses, it's never been a problem. 

As for the bulb, I don't think I've ever changed mine.  I'll 
have to go get it out, and have a look to see how it goes in 

Henry Bibb

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> From: Alexander M McBride <sanlo at rushmore.com>
> To: <slidecube at armory.com>
> Date: 12/18/2003 5:58:47 PM
> Subject: [SlideCube] Bell & Howell CP 40 slide cube 35 mm projector
> I'm considering the purchase of a Bell & Howell CP 40 slide cube projector
> but I can't find an instruction manual anywhere on the Internet.  Does
> anybody out there know where I could obtain one?  Also, the ELH lamp in
> device needs to be changed.  The current bulb seems to be almost wedged
> place..Any suggestions as to how to replace it? Thanks  Alex McBride
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