[SlideCube] Denial. What a pity the way things have become. Such a simple questoin.

Johnny Johnston creakster at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 10 13:30:19 PDT 2003

mail was rejected  I subscribed ..

But there ya go eh. Just a simple question and all this grief.. Make my 
wonder why I even bothered.

SUre is a sad world its becomming isnt it.

this was my question I posted.

Hi all

I have a Bell and Howell 454 cube projector. Geez got that when I got 
married 33 years ago and it still works cept for the auto focus.

It keeps cycling and the picture keeps moving as the mirror moves due to the 

Any tips or suggest on how to stop it from cycling all the time.


Anyone know which wire goes to the motor that I can clip to stop the motor 
from cycling the mirror.
I dont mind focusing by hand.



Oh well.

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