[OpenCM] OpenCM Live Meeting 11/13 -- Call for Papers

Callari, Susan susan.callari at hp.com
Mon Sep 8 17:20:00 PDT 2003

Mark your calendars!  The next OpenCM Live Meeting will be Thursday, November 13, 2003 at Bank of America in San Francisco.   This meeting will also be available via web conference.  
At this time we're gathering ideas for presentations, as well as looking for presenters.  Suggested topics so far include: 
*	Setting up DCM for the first time
*	Tips and Tricks with DCM
*	Integrations: 
			Have you integrated Synergy to a "Best of Breed"
			Enterprise database/application/retorting tool that is
			not in Telelogic's quiver.  We all are in the same boat
			and would like to here how you've solved  a problem we
			all directly or indirectly share.
*	Managing people: 
			As a CM/Release/Admin expert, it becomes clear that
			Synergy is the easy part of our job. Contrary to popular
			believe "reconfigure" did exactly what it was suppossed to.
			The real challange it managing the people who use the
			tool. Share with use hoe you manage the people in your
*	Process: 
			The tools we support are process tools share with use
			how your shop manages process using Synergy. Does it
			work? What would make Synergy better?  Here's your
				chance to share your insite.

If you have knowledge on one of the above topics (or another topic) and think you could put it into .ppt format before November 5th, please send a brief synopsis to susan.callari at hp.com <mailto:susan.callari at hp.com>.  The presentations need not be fancy.  The point is to exchange information within the OpenCM community.  Also let us know if you're interested in creating a presentation, but prefer to have someone else deliver it.  Please give it some thought now and send the ideas as soon as possible.   
More details will be sent as the meeting day approaches.  

Susan Callari
OpenCM Steering Committee

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