[OpenCM] today's opencm meeting questions follow up

Oliver Braekow Oliver.Braekow at telelogic.com
Tue Nov 18 14:08:17 PST 2003

Multiple Project Instances by default ? :

See release notes:
"Upon upgrade of a DCM-initialized database, all projects will be updated to
have an instance that 
includes the database ID as well as an instance number.
By default, it is not possible to create multiple local projects with the
same name; however, the
database option multiple_local_proj_instances can be set to TRUE to allow
this. (DCM
will be able to receive projects with the same name in any case.)
The main impact of this change is that project names will be displayed in
the four-part object name
format for projects that are not local to the database, and local projects
that do not have an instance
of 1. It is necessary to specify the four-part object name whenever the
project is not local to the
database, or when the project has multiple instances that are local to the
database. See Changes to
the Command Line Interface for more information about the impact on scripts.
In addition, the default project work area path has been updated to include
the project instance to
ensure unique work area paths for multiple projects that use the same
instance. Note that the project
instance may include the pound or hash character (#)."

Support for WSAD 5.1:
The WSAD Integration 2.2 for Q1/2004 will support WSAD 5.1, Eclipse 2.1,
WSDW 2.1. Mistake in the Roadmap presentation, sorry for that)

(Checkout) Locking Problem in 6.3 when  DCM receive at the same time:
I don't remember who brought this up, please contact me directly and let me
know a CALL or CR#xxxx number. I found several locking problems in our
database and want to convey the correct information.


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