[OpenCM] How to delete sub-project ?

Dan.Martin at slmd.com Dan.Martin at slmd.com
Fri May 30 11:22:20 PDT 2003


Easiest way is to 'Unuse' the project first.  Then after everyone else has
reconfigured with your task you can use the 'delete' entire hierarchy. This
only works if the project is no longer used in any other projects and work

By unusing it is essentially gone.  I like to leave it in the database for
the history unless it is quite huge.

Dan Martin

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Hi All,
I got two more queries

1) How to delete subproject/directory from the project hierarachy?

I have one top level project with five subproject and one directory under
I want to delete one of the sub-project and the directory from it

How to delete the sub-project?

I've build managers privilege

2) can two projects have the same release value?
eg. I have one project say A with release value R. I want to release this
project and want to derive one project from it say B.
can project B have release value R?

Eagrly waiting for suggestions

Thanks and regards

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