[OpenCM] How to delete sub-project ?

Bob Sipp bobsipp at yahoo.com
Fri May 30 11:34:07 PDT 2003


> 1) How to delete subproject/directory from the
> project hierarachy?
> I have one top level project with five subproject
> and one directory under it
> I want to delete one of the sub-project and the
> directory from it
> How to delete the sub-project?
> I've build managers privilege

  You don't delete a sub-project, unless it is not in
use anywhere and should not be in the database. 
However, you can remove a sub-project from the
hierarchy using the unuse command.  The unuse command
will also create a new version of the top level
directory of the top level project.  This should be
done as a task in a developer project and then checked
in.  Or, you can do it as a build manager in a prep
project, check in the project, and update the
reconfigure templates to pick up the new project
hierarchy as the new baseline.
> 2) can two projects have the same release value?
> eg. I have one project say A with release value R. I
> want to release this project and want to derive one
> project from it say B.
> can project B have release value R?
Two projects can have the same release value.  As long
as you set your reconfigure templates so that project
A is the baseline for project B, you will be fine (use
the version matching attribute rather than release
value to drive baseline).

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