[OpenCM] Addition of subproject : Problem in reconfigure

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Couple of questions:
#1. When you checked out project A to prep, did you also checkout the subprojects?
#2. Is the work-area of the released project maintained?

 You should not make the work-area of subproject B relative, and try to unmaintain it.

Also, please check "reconf_consider_all_cands" keyword, that could solve your problem.


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When releasing project A, what was the status of project B?

You should check your reconfigure properties\template of project A. - can you write what folders u r using?



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 Hi All,

 Thanks for support for my previous query

 I got one more problem

 I'm using Continnus CM v5.1 with UNIX client

 I've a project (say A) hierarchy with 5-subprojects under it ( with release value X)

 I migrated one project (say B) and moved it to released state with release Y

 Now I added the project B as subproject of project A  ( I used Use command to do this)

 After making the B as subproject of A , I released the project A.

 Then I created new release value and derived new prep project from released project A

 Now, when I'm trying to reconfigue the new prep project, I'm getting following warning

 04/25 11:48:05 Warning:  No candidates found for directory entry B:project:1.  It will be left empty!.
 04/25 11:48:06 Warning!  'B~V1.1_CT:project:1' unused under 'A~6:dir:1' in project 'A~mohan' - not a candidate.

 Hope I made my problem clear.
 Waiting for your valuable suggestions

 Thanks and Regards,

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