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We do use prep projects as baselines, we call these baselines the BASE 
project, they are reconfigured to the baseline of whichever release we 
would like to use. 
For the prep baselines to show up in the baseline select dialog, you need 
to set the "allow_prep_baselines" keyword to true.

One problem I see here is the reconfigure templates, only CMSynergy 6.3 
allows prep baselines in reconfigure templates, the previous versions do 

Also, remember to use different 'project purpose' for the prep projects B 
and C which are for the same release, otherwise you'll run into problems 
with 'products' and 'subprojects' because those will be associated to the 
same automatic tasks.


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Hi all, 
Thanks again for your kind support for my previous queries 

Here is one more query 
I'm using Continuus CM v5.1 
I've one released project say A~1.0 with release R1.0 
        I want to derive prep project B~2.0 with Release R2.0 
        And I want to take project B as baseline for project C~2.0 with 
release R2.0 ( project B is still in prep state) 
        Two different teams will be working on project B and C 
        Two build managers will manage the projects B and C 
        Reconfigure template for both project B and C is same ( release 
value and baseline) 
        I'm expecting that task completed for project B and C are 
available in project C and B respectively when projects are reconfigured 
        Do you visualize any problem in this? 
        Is there is any probelm if project B and C released at different 
point of time? 

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