[OpenCM] Meeting Minutes for OpenCM Steering Committee Monthly Call - 12/0 2/03

Shannon Esteve shannon.esteve at Remedy.COM
Tue Dec 2 16:13:09 PST 2003

OpenCM Steering Committee Minutes
December 02, 2003

	Kalle Hoffman
	Jeffrey Wright
	Shannon Esteve

We welcome two new Steering Committee members:  Jeffrey Wright and Raul

Where and when should our next live OpenCM meeting be held?  
	Location: Central.  Between Redwood City and Sunnyvale would be
		Possibly Susan from HP or Terri from Phillips?
		Does Telelogic's San Jose facility still exist?
	Date: Somewhere in the middle of May 2004 ( May 13th or 20th?).

	We have had speakers sound too salesperson like in the past.  So,
when looking at speakers, it would be nice to have presentations that have
ideas to help make the CM task easier or better.  Ideas that others can run
with/implement in their own processes.

Ideas for Presentations: (anyone is welcome to add an idea to this list)
	- DCM Discussion
	- Day to Day Maintenance -  How do you do it or What works for you.
	- Developers GUI vs. Original GUI  ( 6.2 version?)

Agenda item for next Steering Committee call:
	Start targeting speakers.
	Kalle would like to see David Honey from Telelogic speak at next
live OpenCM meeting.

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