[OpenCM] Re:What is max allowed file size in CCM?

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Thanks Bob
It was object type problem, and it's fine now



I don't know of a size limit, per se, but you should check the object 
type.  I have seen this behavior when the object is a binary object, but 
has been defined to CM Synergy as ascii.

And before you ask, no, there is no good way to change the type, other 
than creating a new object of the correct type.


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Hi all,
Is there any limit on the size of object (files) in the Continuus CM v5.1?

I'm finding probelm in storing one 4MB file.
While checking in the file (size 4MB) , I'm not getting any error or 
But when I'm trying (copying) to get the checked in file, its size is only 

5 bytes
My work area is link based and and I'm using UNIX client.

I checked the size of file in the CCM database, and it's size is also 5 
bytes only


Mohan Tarole

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