[joe-frank-list] the German in 'Dreams of the river'

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Fri Oct 29 08:19:41 PDT 2021

	Russell Bell:  'it's "deine Futt" - "your cunt"?'
	Professor Ned: 'Strikes me as unlikely - given what she says
immediately prior ("deiner Härte" is quite unambiguous).'
	You wrote "deine Härte" the other day.  Hardness is
unambiguous?  You mean it refers to a penis?

	Professor Ned: 'FWIW voice sounds female to me.'
	I thought that, but we're primed to think that because he
refers to the speaker as she & her.  2 separate German speakers in 2
separate threads independently volunteered the opinion that the
speaker is a man.  It didn't occur to me before that.

	I invite the teeming masses of the Joe Frank Mailing List to
listen for themselves, tell us what they think:

	Professor Ned: 'My sense was that Joe had passive command of
German (I have no evidence of this, just speculation)'
	His birth parents, maternal grandmother (who moved to the US
with them), aunts and uncles were German speakers, so it wouldn't
surprise me.  On the other hand he shows no sign of knowing it in his
shows.  His family was treated badly by German-speakers, may have made
a point of rejecting it.

	Professor Ned: 'In terms of audio quality it sounds a piece
with the rest of the episode - would guess he had someone read it in
the studio.'
	In terms of technical quality, I won't argue, but I think its
character is different.  It's a big part to go uncredited.  Uncle Ben
had 4 daughters.  The oldest, (Eva, born 1934) visited Joe in 'Karma

russell bel

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