[joe-frank-list] the cast of 'Hotline'

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Fri May 21 06:34:35 PDT 2021

	Quoth Robert Kneecha, 'I had thought it [the tarot card reader
in 'Hotline'] was David Franks, the Baltimore poet who once worked as
a tarot card reader.'
	Have you evidence?
	I don't know; I cite sources that, I think, owe their
attribution of Davis Black in the cast to Richard Looney.  If I'm
right about that it'd be nice if Mr Looney pitched in.
	You've written that before.  I think the voices are different,
but have mistaken voices in the past and the audio of the phone calls
is poor.  I assume the tarot card reader puts people on, but I think
that about all tarot card readers.  If he was putting people on that'd
be like David Franks.  Maybe Davis Black is a pseudonym.  
	  I find a few Davis Blacks, none seem like this person; I
find a few tarot hotlines, none with Davis Black.  Oddly a search on
"davis black" doesn't turn up even the wiki or jf.com or wfmu or other
places that I know cite the name, which may say something about my
searches (duckduckgo then google).
	Is it a real tarot card reading?  I wondered if it were a

russell bell

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