[joe-frank-list] New jfwiki music page

Ramón ramon at jfwiki.org
Tue Mar 23 16:32:48 PDT 2021


Over the past few months we have completed cataloging (nearly) every 
song Joe used in his shows. There are some tracks we don't know, but 
only a handful. (If you know what https://jfwiki.org/splash.mp3 is let 
me know!) Most of the remaining unidentified music is drones or synth 
pads that were likely produced in-house.

The result of this endeavor is a new JF Music Page:

Thanks to Russell Bell, Rob Stanzel, Richard Looney, Beau Gunderson,  
Dan Abrams, and a bunch of other contributors to the wiki and the 
various JF music pages over the years.  We used data from many sources.

I've added a link that will generate a 10 track YouTube playlist  
featuring music Joe used in his shows, or you can bookmark:  

There is also a "Random Show" link that might help you decide which 
episode to listen to:

Russell has also been adding his wonderfully detailed synopses to 
episode pages, so your chances of finding the episode you are looking 
for are increasing each day.

If you have any data, corrections, or commentary you'd like to add to 
the wiki please shoot me an email and I'd be delighted to create an 
account for you.

To those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, Happy Spring!
Happy Autumn to everyone else!


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